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  1. So I’ve just gotten the “Your tribe killed” message and I’m trying to figure out if it was a Dino or person? I’ve killed people and it shows up in yellow. This time it appears in magenta? Is this because I wasn’t near by, or is this because it was a Dino? Only level 70 so I’m not too worried but the tribe log is completely useless. May someone clarify this for me??
  2. Wait... so you can still tame with kibble from a higher class? Or is the Dino going to reject it?
  3. My 221 Rex changed its sex lol
  4. Just my luck, what if no governing settings exits currently and we were to set them now? I mean I’ve accepted the fact but is there a maybe?
  5. So from what I’ve summed up through all the sifting, there’s no trick to keeping your personally built structures when parting with your current tribe? What happened if I make a new tribe and keep “personally owned” for everything. Then have the old tribe merge with me temporarily? Does all that has been built go back to the one who built it? Can I cheat the system this way? I’m on an official server and the tribe has owned everything from the get go. Theres really no way of keeping anything without rebuilding?
  6. Update V782.14 just glitched hard. I spawned outside in battle some how? While watching myself fighting? I lost a lot of recent work due to this update. Any way to fix your mess up wildcard? Server: NA-PVP-XboxOfficial-TheIsland530 Roll it back prior to update. At last spawn?
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