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  1. Yep, think I'm just another unfortunate victim of the brokeness that is primitive plus.
  2. Ok so just switched over to evolved as I I was playing on primitive. Annnd eggs are everywhere, used creative mode to fly down real quick or as quick as slow feels while flying lol but got there and found at least six right off the bat. Had alot of prep done in P+ but whatever guess I'll start over in evolved. The Drake was the whole reason I got this dlc, probably not the only one, the bugs kinda kill the experience.
  3. I'm actually athe nesting grounds right now and not a single nest is even here, I've been to all of the locations to. Tried the whip, orbital camera to see under ground but still nothing. Kinda sucks.
  4. Wondering if people are still having issues on Xbox single player with getting rock drake eggs? Reading through threads it seems like it's been happening for awhile now.
  5. Was right under her butt, while my ravagers delt with the drones, play on Xbox and Y wasn't showing up, full stack of rare flowers in the last item slot, Gillie suit, bug repell. The whole nine, did two hives and nothing happened, the button prompt did not show up. An this bug seems to be hit or mis with people cuz not everyone experiences it. Kinda lame. And the climbing pick engram doesn't show up in the smithy or advanced work table. Have to cheat those in or it's impossible to traverse the terrain.
  6. Is there anything else you can do with polymer and biotoxin in P+ beside muderate yourself by axekadent cuz Xbox is a lil slow in the menus and u thought u was eating some berries?
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