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  1. Thanks WC

    I was taming a 140 crystal wyvern just now with regular crystal. I was stuck in a tree while taming it and everything was going great. All of a sudden. A DILOPHOSAUR, of all the dinos in the game, decided to get a hard on for me and come up to the wyvern to try and bite me. Instead of biting me, it bit the wyvern, which resulted in thr wyvern killing me and also resetting the 140 crystal wyvern all the way back down to 0% taming. Completely killed my drive to play your crystal isles map.


    Maybe not drop a map with more loading zones than grains of sand of the earth. Or make a dilo balsy enough to bite me while riding a wyvern 

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  2. Allow "heir" wyvern eggs to actually hatch heirs and alter heirs a tad

    Heirs are noticeably hostile and stronger variants of the crystal wyverns, and you can also manage to steal their eggs from nests on crystal isles. However, there is seems to be massive amounts of disappointment from the community about how despite stealing "heir" eggs, you do not receive an heir wyverm when hatched, just a regular crystal wyvern. 

    I am asking WC to make a few small changes to Heir wyverns

    Change 1:   Make "Heir Wyvern eggs" hatch actual heir wyverns

    Change 2: Make the Heir Wyvern 10% larger than the original wyvern

    Change 3: Based off of Change 2, a larger sized wyvern should not only be stronger and slightly faster than regular wyverns, it should also be able to carry larger dinos. So for example, the regular wyvern can carry wooly rhinos, stegos and, trikes, but can't carry mammoths. The Heir Wyvern should be able to carry mammoths and even maybe Yutyrannous

    Change 4: To bring balance to such an OP tame, make Heir Wyverns not breedable

  3. What are the differences between an "Heir" and a regular Crystal Wyvern?

    I know the basics, like regular crystal wyverns can be passive tamed where as Heirs you have to steal the egg and raise, but what are some other differences?

    Are they larger? Can Heirs pick up more dinos than regular crystal wyverns? Are Heirs breedable as well or are they like OG wyverns and are unbreedable? I want to steal an egg, but I'm not exactly sure if its worth it

  4. Since no one has replied, I will again.

    Is this not an important enough issue? I've heard servers are only ever at 255 when someone is doxxing the server? Thought this was a serious issue? I mean, WC has made great strides the last few months in getting a good portion of meshing taken care of, but doxxing is a major issue as well. Is WC actually doing anything in response to this illegal activity, or should I just report the people to the federal government because I'm pretty sure doxxing is a federal crime

  5. Loading zones are ATROCIOUS

    I get it, the game has to have loading zones. I like the idea of them too...


    Do the loading zones have to be SO FREAKING NOTICEABLE?! Swear to God it feels like the entire game engine is shifting into a different reality with how hard its having to load. And not to mention how it can make you go from being a few seconds ahead of something trying to kill you and then it snaps you right back into its area of attack. It needs to be worked on and made just a TAD bit better

  6. I made a post Similar to this one a WHILE ago, but the main difference is that while you are suggesting that ice wyverns are made to have the same freeze ability against dinos as manas, I proposed that ice wyverns should instead be immune to managarmr freeze and snow owl freeze. It would provide a nice counter to those two dinos and would make ice wyverns a more viable tame again

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  7. Make Gigantopithicus like a wearable exo suit for survivors.

    So essentially, you would have all the same abilities as being a simple human, but also have the added abilities of being a giant gorrila. So whatever the stats of the Gigantopithicus are, they become your new stats so long as you are riding it. Before its called OP, I will say that you wouldnt be able to ride other tames while riding on it's back.

  8. Levels earned while taming messed up?

    Been a couple months since I've played. Logged on today and tamed wild level 140 and 145 PTs, but when they finished they were only tamed out to 175 and 208. Nothing hit them, didnt miss any feedings because I put all the food on at once after about 20 min of them being unconscious. Can anyone explain this?

  9. They get their panties in a wad because a single black man just happened to be killed by a white cop, but nobody says a single word when a white man is killed by a black cop. Making the protests about race. This is NOT a race issue, this is a POLICE BRUTALITY issue. More whites are killed by cops than blacks. And just to point it out, more blacks are killed by black cops than by white cops (study done by Michigan State University). If you pay taxes then listen up, because in 2017 alone, the Chicago Police Dept. paid over $113 million in police misconduct settlements, and NYC has paid over $430 million in police misconduct settlements over the last 10 years. The media is steering everyone to believe this is a race issue when it isnt. Floyd should NOT have been killed, but he wasn't killed because he was black, he was killed because the cop who had his knee on his neck was a horrible officer who had a lot of prior issues to this and was allowed to slip through the cracks. #WakeUp

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  10. Can the new giant turtle use electric structures when submerged?

    So it's not a secret that mosasaurs and plesiosaurs (the OG tames with underwater platform saddles) were unable to build a viable submersible base underwater because generators dont work when submerged underwater. My question is does the new Megachelon allow generators to work even when the tame is completely underwater? I was finally hoping for something to tame that could be used as a viable underwater base because mosas plesios just are not.

  11. Idea for whatever the final DLC will be for ark.

    While is a great game (opinion), every game has a ending. My idea for a final DLC for ark, whenever the time should arrive, is a map than is based on the layout of the planet earth. The landmass could be similar, albeit with large differences due to the planets deformities over time and dinos roaming around, to the earth itself. It could be separated by biomes, similar to how Genesis is, where you can transfer between continents/countries and play on different terrain and conquer the planet. 

    The servers could be massive, hosting thousands of players per server. 

    Obviously this would be an immensely difficult project to undertake, but with microsofts new flight simulator that will be coming soon, it shouldn't be too difficult to copy and paste the terrain. Then make some changes to the landscape to simulate and Earth overrun with dinos and cities that have fallen prey to the passage of time, and then decide on how the other technical aspects. 

    As stated before, this would be incredibly difficult, but I feel as though it could be a very fun idea to see just how conquering an actual Earth infested with dinos and tribes would be. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Aylana314159 said:

    Some updates include a mindwipe, due to major changes. Typically listed in the patchnotes.


    56 minutes ago, Cowgirl said:

    Yea it is not a common thing and not based on how long you are gone from the game, just on rare occasions when the devs feel the need to wipe everyones levels to let them start over again. Just make a mindwipe, they have a cool down now and I think they fixed them so they work again.

    Interesting. I was just curious about it because I would log in sometimes and my character would be mindwiped. Always thought it was just random. I appreciate the info guys

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  13. How long does it take for your characters level to reset and engrams diappear?

    Most people have experienced this, where you don't play for a prolonged period of time, and when you come back to the server you were last on, your characters level is still the same, but all the of the skill points you had previously invested in specific categories have been returned to be used again and your engrams were wiped, but you still have all total engram points as before, so you can just re-invest them. Essentially a mindwipe done by the game.

    How long does this take to occur or is it simply a random thing occurs when servers reset or updates happen?

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  14. 21 hours ago, d1nk said:

    I believe they do a contest quite frequently with this very theme. 


    As to the photo - doesn't work with the ridiculous painted armour (seems to out of place - maybe if it was a more natural colour and taken on Ansel or something)

    Ah yes, the green armor in this photo of player riding a freaking unicorn is what's out of place here. Perhaps Tek armor would give that more "natural color" you looking for lololol

  15. Completely agree. With the dunky being the only water tame to harvest metal and also with it having one of the highest gathering rates for metal, oil, stone, and crystal, it makes sense that it should get a nice weight reduction on not just metal, but all of those materials. Also, because things weigh less in water, things that are on water tames should either weigh less, or water tames should get a buff to their weight capacity

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