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    Howdy fellow Ark-ers. Do you enjoy playing Ark but don't have enough time to play constantly? Do you have a full-time job and other real-life responsibilities like having family obligations that take up a good portion of your time? Sounds perfect to me! This tribe is meant for people who absolutely love playing this game, but simply don't have enough time to sit down for +4 hours and grind away. If you want to be a part of a tribe that is chill and relaxed, but still wants to advance forward in the game on an Xbox Ragnorak PvP server, this is the tribe for you. This tribe is just getting started, so things may be a little rough at first because I want to start fresh on a new server with whoever joins me. I do use Discord and my Discord username is "KRONOSDOUBLE" and my tag is #2852. Feel free if you want to reach out to me to get a better idea of what I want this tribe to be, but I'm sure I summed it up pretty good here. Hope you all come to join.

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