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  1. No, the building parts that are in ARK at the momment will still remain.
  2. I have hosted 2 ARK servers in my time, 1 on Abberation & now 1 on Ragarnok. About 2 years or so overall. I wouldn't say there is a good way to get players to join, i've found being patient & putting a GOOD server name is KEY. After all this is the main thing players will look at & judge by. Maybe even skip the "Boosted" stats & keep it 2x rates for longer game progression. People will Always come and go. But as a admin keep the server at it's best by cleaning unused/decaying bases & dinos. Run small little events to keep people entertained. Be active (Not always) in the chat. Also, a good way to get people to join your server fast on Xbox is creating a group on ARK Survial in the 'Create a group' tab when clicking on the game. Although found people tend to leave quickly by doing this. But you can get over 10 people join at a time.
  3. Lmao, not fun stuff that's for sure. Lost alot of players on my server due to not knowing why the ARK taming limit was hit & the server ping was horrible going from 15 to 250 every 2 minutes.
  4. All fixed, couldn't get close to the Argys because they were in groups of around 4300, made my PC crash when i got close. Ended up killing all Argys on map. What a ball ache it was. Haha
  5. Server has hit dino cap & server ping is stupid high. Now i know why. A big tribe on my server has 4k plus Argys breeding under the map. How is the best way to clean this up? Haha
  6. I also am having this problem.
  7. So it is not possible to up the Ark limit? Do you happen to know the actual number of maxumiuim dinos allowed tamed on a server?
  8. Thanks for your reply, i don't understand though because i have set the limit to 5000 but it does not work.
  9. I run a 32 player server but we can no longer tame anymore creatures. It says "Too many tames creatures on this ARK" I have upped the limit to 5000 in the gamesettings.ini but does not affect the server when changes are made? Is there a actual limit? Playing on windows 10. Server hosted on Nitrado.
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