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  1. It seems the event has ended on my server... isn't it supposed to run for another day?
  2. ini setting for fall foliage? Hey - I love the autumn trees in the Fear Evolved event. Is there a way for me to have the trees on my server display that without turning on the event? It'd be neat to keep them even after the event ends, at least until winter. Thanks!
  3. Fear Evolved 3 Collected Materials Disappearing? Collected mats are disappearing over night for people on my server. We spent hours collecting pumpkins/scarecrows/etc. yesterday. It's a low population server (max 5 people on on a busy day), and so there are long stretches where the server is empty. When people logged back on today, the materials they had collected were gone. I trust everyone who plays, but just in case, I looked to see if anyone was online during that stretch of time who maybe was borrowing materials from other people - but no. The last person who logged out at night was the first person in today, and he was the one who first noticed the materials had gone missing. The only materials that didn't go missing are the bones - but I noticed they're also the only ones with a timer on them. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Dedicated server, starting a new map - moving *all* of our dinos Hey there, I'm running a server hosted by gtxgaming (love 'em!), it's just for me and a few friends scattered all over the world. We're using the Dino Storage mod, and we've all got intensive breeding programs going, so there are a ridiculous number of tamed dinos in our server at any given time (I've significantly upped the tamed dino cap, but even still, probably 90% of them are stored in the mod). There will be a day when we decide to switch to a new map, and I'm wondering if there's a way on the server backend to move all of our dinos (probably thousands of them) without having to upload them to the Obelisks? I have access to all of the gaming files/etc, so I'm really hoping there's a way I can just copy some files into another place and be all set. =D Thanks!
  5. Leukah

    Baby Gacha Food?

    Does it matter what type of gacha it is? I run a (very small) dedicated server, it's just me and my partner that play. We've raised probably about 120-150 gacha babies, and the only 2 that have starved to death in front of our eyes have been the type that produce elemental dust (which was, of course, why we were breeding them to begin with). All of the other babies have been just fine. Any thoughts? Additional note - we did manage to raise a dust-producing gacha beyond the baby stage, and we didn't do anything with him that we hadn't done with our other babies (except for the fact that I watched his hunger bar like a hawk until I was sure he was feeding himself). I don't know why he fed and the other 2 dusties didn't, and I don't know why, of all of our babies, the only 2 that kicked it were dusties, but it seems far too specific to be a coincidence.
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