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  1. Ever put some thought into raising the upload 24 hour limit. I mean if your dev team is going to fail at there jobs for ever single update and lock uploads and downloads you would think it should be longer. I am so sick and tired of putting days of time and effort into making things just to have the lost to bugs and just plain incompetence of your dev team. This time I lost turrets, ammo, 2 caped stego saddles, 2 caped trike saddles, 2 caped gasbag saddles, 2 caped turttle saddles, 2 tek rifles, 1 transmiter, tames and all the other fun stuff you bring with you to raid. I would send a support
  2. server 190 island ps4 still down after update Been many days now. This every going to get fixed before the event ends?
  3. 190 island pvp still down after event launch. Thank you for starting rates early so we would throw out all the babies only to have them die when you find out how to launch your own event and then break the game so no one can log in to servers after update. 400 dead babies now. Keep up the good work. I wish I had a job I could fail at every day and still get a check. You guys are the best.
  4. Would be a nice event if it worked. 190 island pvp still down after event update. Love how you up rates so we throw out all the babies then crash server for days with the event launch. Thank you for the 400 dead babies. Ark fix your game
  5. If you are new to the game the biggest help I can give you is stop playing, turn game off, and remove it from your system. This game is the worst when it comes to the Dev team. You will get blue screened every hour, lose everything you have every day to trolls or bugs and then sit and wait for answers to your reports just to get a copy and paste answer fixing nothing. God forbid you progress in the game and get big. Then cheaters will just spam you with dupe tames and gear, d doss your server, and troll forcing you and your alliance to be on the game 24 hours a day. Get past that and
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