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    Dino routes

    Hmm, a waypoint system would work well in this case. This is an excellent idea. It may be kind of difficult to implement however.
  2. andani

    Mind Wipe

    This is a great idea. Both first and second option. Would be useful for figuring out base stats more easily if you forget to write them down or lose your notes.
  3. I COMPLETELY AGREE ABOUT THE CRYOPODS. We we got a taste of them during the Christmas event on the NoTek cluster I play on. All of us fell completely in love with them. They are extremely useful, especially for those of us who work more than 50 hours per week. I will even say, if these were craftable in obelisks, I’m sure that would be fine. Please make the cryopods craftable in something other than a replicator, that is common to all maps. I’m sure a large percentage of players would love you for it.
  4. In the last 3 years since I began playing this game, I have played across dozens of servers, across several game modes, taken breaks from the game, and yet I cannot leave this game behind. I have recently settled down for the last year on a good official PvP server, where we have a vibrant community across several servers that help and protect each other. There is always the threat of people swinging by and blowing everything up, and dozens have tried. Our community has made me love this game even more. It is tough just starting out. There are good people on PvP. They sadly are just outclassed by the bad people. There are good good winners and good losers, bad winners and even worse losers. This game will either lay bare the true human psyche or rekindle your faith in PvP players. I recommend you keep playing. Get to know the people on ONE server. Stay there and be persistent. If they wipe you, rebuild. Eventually they will see that you are dedicated to sticking around and they will come to accept you. NEVER betray your friends. And finally, just play the game. You will never get anywhere by giving up. Stick with it.
  5. As far as wyvern eggs are concerned, have you tried equipping a whip and whipping the center of the nests? We have to do that on official at the moment.
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