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  1. So WCs excuse for delays or refusal to name release dates is lazyness and poor communication? Here's an idea chain the programers to their desk and taze them to stay awake and get the job done already, console players get the short end of the stick and that end covered in dung no less in this game every patch or update and shouldn't have to anymore with cross platform play.
  2. So I rented my own serveron xbox and it worked fine until I had to wipe it with "Destroyallenemies" and "Destroystructures", and now for no goddamn reason I can't use OBs or Beacons because my game freezes every single time I use them, I'm the only one effected on my server with this BS, it.seems like a coincidence that this happened when the Ad for Aberation appeared on the server select screen and the patch to optimize rented servers came out last week, I would love if someone would tell me how to fix this myself so I don't have to use the "highly intelligent and timely effective support system" here, it really pisses me the hell off when I rent my own server just to get away from Wildcard and their BS and yet they still find new ways to annoy me. So in short, Obs & Beacons are broken for me, WC sucks, please help.
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