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  1. Yes, thats why i would like, to everything is transferable. We buided a base 9 server. I move that 9 base into one, becouse only downloading one server. But many stuff i just dropp. Boss parts example, some elements.
  2. At least make the elemets and shard transferable, if you shot down servers, to people who played until now multiple servers can trasnfer everything into one server. In single player no need a lot of map, or unoficial server not everybody rent a lot of server
  3. Not everybudy, its true. But many people yes, and everybody accept this better, becouze if you can buy "Instant tame potion" i just said anyithing, not meaning, to i cant tame a dino, without that potion. I played many pay to win game, and i solve everything for free, what other people with payed. Just slower.
  4. Getting paid for work is legit thing, this is true, but no one asked this work. Releasing new DLC-s with new maps, and dinos , even if the price is double then before. Releasing some payable things, like item for getting buff, to instant tame, or instant imprint, or instant full - grown, or similar things, everybody pay for that happy, and no one will be angry. Even if he releasing an event, like "Child day on around october" collecting money, with streaming until 1 day, just for to keep up servers.... i believe to many people paying... Anything is better, just not this. But alredy late. Even if WC change her mind, and tell us, to not shut down servers, i cant believe to him. Many people alredy destroyed their base, and dinos, when realizing this news.
  5. I have 13600 + gametime in the ark. I restarted whole game 4 or 5 times. So yes. My favorite game. But i feel this is hustle. So yes. I restart again, but in single player. I played earlier in legacy server. Left that, becouze anything happened wildcard said to me "Legacy deprecated server, not her jobs" Ok, then i started again. The difference is, more people play that server, and official more lagg then Legacy. Nothing more. I tryed to play gen 2 servers. All gen 2 server is trash. 10-16 hrs offline from 24 hrs, i reported countless time, nothing changed. Moved to one gen2 to other gen 2 server, i dont counting alredy how many time. All of that is a lot of trash. UE 5 need better computer then UE 4. Gen 2 needed a little bit stronger computer, then other maps, and they computer crashing. Then what can i waiting with UE 5 servers? 24/24 offline?:D And i dont sayed yet, to i cant see the point of it to buy. I restarting, playing until 1 or max 2 year, then ark 2 releasing, and UE 5 ark 1 servers again, shut down, and they speak to you. Sorry guys, but this will be better. Ark 2 will be better then ark 1. So buy again, and play again. So no. I love the ark. I will love forever, i will play in single blayer. Good luck to WC. Us I can see, many player will buy again, so everybody can learn from WC to how can we clever business.
  6. I hope too, becouze if not, i immediatelly delete ark and ARK 2 will be buy who be out of one's mind.
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