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  1. Just an idea, to solve lagg, and crash. nothing more. Hello! I dont speak english very good, but i would like to share an idea, to how to make the server is more.. i searching the correct world... stability. Less lagg Maybe the dew team read this once, and hopefully like it. I trying to speak understandable. So where can i sart. The building, and area allocation. If you see the map, any map, no matter what DLC, you can see a grid, whith number. For example lat 20 to 30 and lon 10 to 30. This is one area in the map. Like in creativerse you can claim one area. Every
  2. Tribe / alliance / public And the wild dinos cant be telerporting This is the best idea I think
  3. That would be great, if the transmitter can summon boss, what is activated. For example. You unlocked the transmitter, from the ragnarok arena. So you can go to ragnarok arena your own transmitter. If you want to summon any other boss on your own transmitter, you need to kill that. Center arena, island bosses, rockwell, overseer, e.t.c.
  4. I understand this But i dont like mode Come an update, and mode is shut off Dont work more And i want to play official, not unofficial BTW wyvern breeadable, or not, also fine But one of my favorite think in this game, is breading And im sorry, for i cant with wyvern Cant play with color mutations or color combinations with wyverns, or griffins Or if the wyvern breadable, but cant get stat mutations, only colors it would be enought for me
  5. Hello:) Thats would be great, to make them breadable But i aggree with Voltarendolo too. I dont play pvp in ark, but i think that is too nightmare But in pve its why not?:) Wyvern cant use for boss Only use them for wyvern egg stealing, or travelling, killing dinos.
  6. 5 minute? You are lucky. I looged into the game, for my server. My friend said to me, "Pls check my managamrm bay on my server" so i trye to log in her server. Can you figure out, what happend? You win. Waiting for login lock. I can log in my server, but i cant log into my friend server, for 2 hrs. Not 5 minute. I dont know, wildcard is hate, to people playing her game? I dont speak english very good, sorry But this is sooooo innoying.
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