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  1. Thank you so much! The white background is not the prettiest thing to look at, but at least I can browse the forum
  2. Hi there, some weeks ago there was an issue with the menu button of the Ark forum not showing up on mobile devices, this was solved quickly. Unfortunately the issue reappeared for me. I hope you can solve it (again).
  3. Since the last update I have problems with the forum on mobile, too. I am on iOS and I cannot see the button for the menu for navigating the page, going to my profile and so on. The menu button seems to be completely gone. I have not found any way to navigate to my profile up to now.
  4. In today’s patch notes it said the broken Genesis spawns in SP are fixed. I don’t know when I will have time to check if everything is fine on my end, but I hope for all the others having trouble with this bug it is now fixed
  5. I really like what I read in this community crunch. I want to bring up a topic which is in the forums since Genesis 1 came out: please fix the creature spawns in Genesis for single players. I avoided playing the map after a first look because I wanted to have all creatures spawning which are intended to be there. I know this is not the right spot for this, but I hope you guys finally see it and fix this.
  6. In my SP game I have a normal of creatures on the map for the most parts, but some parts are just empty. There are no creatures spawning in some parts of the redwoods, for example. Maybe the spawners are broken or were not set on same parts of the map ?
  7. That’s getting really disappointing. I was waiting patiently so I can play the full game after all the patches are done, but after three months SP is still broken. I never got an answer on my ticket regarding this issue besides what seems to be the standard message after a ticket was created.
  8. I figured out that even if the map was shown in the game menu I had to go to the steam shop page and download it. More or less Velary answered this already, but I felt I wanted to point out the map was showing in the menu but wasn’t playable at that point.
  9. I have a similar problem as I have grey ground for the most part of the map, no oceans, no bushes. I tried verifying the files but this didn’t help. This is the first time I am experiencing such a bug in Ark, I mean, I know the other bugs, which are in the game for some time now, but at least the maps did always load in correctly
  10. I haven’t checked since more than a week. Last time it was not fixed.
  11. For yesterday’s 650 MB patch there are patch notes, but they were changed since then. The original post contained more topics than the current one. But for the 6 GB patch I don’t see patch notes either Oo Last night there was a short note shown on the website of my server provider that there would be a fix after the 650 MB patch was rolled out and caused trouble with Genesis. But nevertheless I would love to see some information on the latest patch
  12. Thanks habano. I looked a bit further through the reddit you linked and then in the steam forum. There are people also on severs who are experiencing problems with the spawn containers and one guy will try to fix this bugs with a mod. So hopefully we will have a fix for that in one way or another in the future.
  13. Another push for this topic. Please devs, let us singleplayers get the whole eaten by Kapro in swamp experience on Genesis Or at least if this is a bigger problem, which requires some time to be fixed, you have noticed us and are working on it
  14. Same spawning issues for me. I’m on singleplayer (PC) and have mods installed. what I could learn from a similar topic in this forum is, certain mods can prevent the rain animations to show up but people tested it and there are certain dinos not spawning in singleplayer with or without mods. These creatures spawn on servers, but not in SP. I am not seeing fish, sarcos, baryonyx and kapros, not sure if I missed some. I hope this can be fixed soon, so I can tame some Sarcos
  15. I have similar issues with my singleplayer world at the moment. I could manually extend the winter event for one or two days, everything worked fine, but when I wanted to run Fear Evolved again it didn't work completely. I have the candy corn drops spawning, dinos with event colours and the holiday folder in the cooking pot is showing up. The things which are not working are the spooky piles, they don't appear and I am not able to craft any holiday skin. The emotes could be crafted after I spawned in the materials and for the emotes the crafting requirements are showing up in the cooking pot.
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