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  1. enjoy, and you're welcome.
  2. Magnifying glass + birthday suit =
  3. Yup, finally working. I can only hope it is for everyone, but now I can finally play extinction a month after it's release. If they had just said they were working on the fix from the start, like they announced for all the other bigs they were working on, I would have just waited patiently. I'm happy for the fix, but not at all impressed with the handling. I can only hope they do better with their new project.
  4. I also posted it in PC bug reports a few weeks ago, also no response. They have responded in tweets and on reddit but have no presence here as we have all realized by now. So I guess that makes this an ark support group ^^ So far their only outside responses have been along the lines of, 'thanks for letting us know', and 'you'll have to wait for a patch for that'... so basically the same as nothing...
  5. 1. So are you able to play without issue on non DLC Maps like The Island, or is it only scorched earth? Most of us can't get any map to function. 2. Like N8fatious said, its WC's product and its them not fixing what they broke. Microsoft's only fault is selling us broken WC's software.
  6. The exit buttons does save the game ((when it's working properly) and even force saving the map through console commands does nothing. The game simply won't save or load previous saves from before the update that broke everything. I'm lucky I uploaded my survivor before the patch, so he still shows up to download, and I have downloaded him to check maps then ran to an obalisk to put him back because I knew if I logged out I'd love him for good. So there he sits in limbo waiting for the game to be playable again.
  7. And then they had a unscheduled patch to fix server crashing. Apparently to address crashes they don't have to go through the Microsoft certification prosses that slows everything down. Guess save /loading problems aren't important enough for random patches though, so we get to wait... As for Atlas, everyone that has asked me if I'm interested in it I've told the same thing. Not with a ten foot pole if this is how WC manages their games. It won't be worth a penny if it's not playable. If a patch to resolve this doesn't get dropped by next week I think I'm going to start hounding Microsoft for a refund on a broken product.
  8. Still not fixed, but Chris responded in a Reddit post that they will try to incorporate a fix into next week's console patch. I am not hopeful at this point, but we don't really have a choice but to wait and see.
  9. Please fix the save issue for those of us that haven't been able to play since the Extinction launch. We wouldn't still be here holding out hope if we didn't love the game.
  10. Yup, this has been an issues since the 20th last month I tried those same things with no results. Myself and several others have been waiting and without a word from WC. Now I'm just boosting the topics when I see them, the only way I can help I guess.
  11. Be warned, windows 10 crossplay has been broken since extinction and can't load saved data for single/non-dedicated games. They have yet to acknowledge or address the issue.
  12. Going on 17 days here with no word. I can see they responded to the problem brought up on Reddit a couple days ago, but it seems they don't respond to people on their own forums? And they act like this is something new they haven't even heard of and thanked the op for bringing it to their attention like no one has been complaining about this the whole time. (Reddit article linked below)
  13. Yes, all us poops complaining about updates that are useless to us since we literally can't even load the game we paid for since extinction came out are just ignorant. Nevermind that they don't even acknowledge there's a problem let alone address it. Lucky you getting to play with your building blocks, that must mean everything is going a-okay for the rest of us too, even though we can only see them via stream and YouTube.
  14. Windows 10 PC user here still waiting for the Extinction Release...?
  15. I am having the same issue, and so is the friend I usually play with. Old structures and tames are all gone when I run to my builds. Game has become unplayable.
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