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  1. @StudioWildcard, please! I love the game, bought it and all expansions multiple copies even. There's a Host Non-Dedicated Server option for hiding your server from others, but you aren't allowed to invite anyone in. This makes it exactly the same as Single-Player mode. Please just look into it. It's for setting up your server to be private of others, but allows you to invite friends. (Xbox issue)
  2. I have to leave ark after every new large update. The kibble rework, the structures, any new maps. Why do I do this? Because I expect console crashing bugs. But after enough time passes where I feel like you took the major bugs, I return to the game and have to relearn it. I would come back into the game with server wipes. . . There's simply nowhere good to build a base in extinction or scorched earth servers (with water access.) It would be nice to see 1 of each map wiped once a month. I think that would keep it running.
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