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  1. You speak the sad truth, apparently nobody wants to hear, my friend. I agree with you. I really wish they would actually fix ARK, but that doesn't make them money so they probably never will fix it.
  2. It does not have anything to do with "being mean". Some people simply expect a fully prized game and paid DLC which they bought, to actually work and to be finished, instead of being released in an unfinished broken state. How is that a bad thing?
  3. I wonder if any of the staff will actually take time to read the comments, that would be appreciated. Well how about you actually spend some real time on Ark now? There are numerous issues with this game and yet it has been a full release for a long time. If the game is having constant lagspikes despite me using high end gaming hardware and the game is filled with bugs, there is definitely something broken with your game. As a customer of yours, I would very much appreciate it if you actually FIXED your fully priced game, instead of releasing buggy half-done DLC and a completely new game which probably will be a bugfest just like Ark. The way you developers have been handling your game the last few years, how can I possibly trust you? Will you actually take the time to respond to anything I have said?
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