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  1. I've played P+ for years. I would never play the base game. P+ is 1000 times better than the base game. Even with hundreds of bugs and some gamebreaking issues. No kibble, double loading time, standing on saddle bug, horrible and missing translation, and a lot of bugs that can be fixed through server settings. On the one hand, Ark devs are the worst in fixing bugs and caring for their community. On the other hand, Ark P+ is one of my most played games. Think about it and you know what P+ is worth. Shame on your lack of interest! Out of my eyes with your Tec stuff!
  2. Can you share the engram index of the missing adobe structures so that we can add them with "OverrideEngramEntries" in private servers? Or does anyone else know them?
  3. You can harvest coal with iron pickaxe on obsidion vein. Tested on Nitrado Ragnarok XBox server as well.
  4. The kibble is still not working (tested for Ankylo, Ptera, Sabertooth, Sarco and more). You've to tame herbivores with Spinach/Lettuce/sorghum and carnivores with mutton. I've produced really much kibble and it's so annoying that we cannot use it. The kibble is not working and no supply drops on our Ragnarok server. This is your confirmation that you need as you wrote.
  5. The kibble is working now, the last update fixed it. However, still no loot drops on our Ragnarok server. EDIT: I was wrong! Maybe it works for a few creatures, but whatever I try in the last day, the new kibble is not accepted by any creature.
  6. I play on a Nitrado P+ server in Ragnarok and testest it on several herbivores, e.g. Doedicurus and Kentrosaurus: The new kibble does not work. Those creatures for example need regular kibble, but it provides only 0.1% taming progress. Giving them superior kibble instead is not working as well. The only chance is to spawn the old specific dino kibble they wanted before the kibble update. It seems like the developers forgot Primitive Plus once again when they published an update.
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