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  1. single player - the island - level 25 I discovered that the Pteranodon saddle can be unlocket at level 38 (more or less), so there is no need at the moment to tame a Pteranodon. I went out for a bit of exploration mounting a Parasaur and with 2 Carbonemys as escort. I was attacked by 4 Dilophosaurus and a Titanoboa, they killed my Para but the 2 Carbonemys killed everyone. I tamed another Para as a mount and another Carbonemys to reinforce my escort. I enlarged my wooden house to make space for a refining forge. next steps: building a smithy and the complete set of Fur Armor
  2. The Island - single player (apologies in advance for my bad English) I know that there are people with 6k hours of game but I started my first run last week. I am playing the single player mode because give me more the feeling of survive since nobody is on the island with me. I am point to ascend but at the moment I am a 22lvl desperate. I tamed few dodos that were promptly killed by Dilophosaurus. so I tamed a female Dilophosaurus (name Dilo) that after few hours with me decided to stand on my fire place and die burned. I moved my base from a point to another because there is a Spino near and doesn't look friendlt. I reached the red obelisk just to find that I need a lot of stuff to unlock it. suff that I don't have a clue where are. I am not using any guide or mod or anything because I think ruin the "survival feeling". This is my background. today I managed to tame 2 Carbonemys 2 parasaur and 2 Dilophosaurus, at list they can give me a little of protection. next step is to tame a Pteranodon and start go deep with the exploration.
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