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  1. Our Tender Loving Care 3 update approaches on November 7th and, aside from the dedicated reworks of the Stego and Mammoth, we’ve added a bunch of Quality of Life changes to make your time on the ARK more enjoyable. We’re particularly excited about introducing insect and wyvern breeding to the game and look forward to players getting their new breedlines goin!. We’re aware these creatures may need some balance once breedlines get underway and we’ll monitor and adjust as necessary. New Breedable Creatures The insects and creatures that can now be bred are: Spider, Onyc, Mo
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  2. The Extra Life charity event, TLC 3 and Crystal Isles transfers on console, the community has been asking "when" and we're here to deliver! Check out your new ride! Twin ceramic rotor drives on each wheel! And these look like computer controlled anti-lock brakes! Wow, 200 horses at 12,000 RPM! Looks a bit...fishy...to us. Tune into our Extra Life event for some epic Genesis 2 reveals. High-res art link here Tender Loving Care 3 TLC 3 is getting close, Saturday, 7th November at 10 AM PST to be exact! We have much in store for our players: The Mammoth and Stego
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  3. Fear Evolved 4 Download in high-resolution It's time to Trick or Treat whilst howling under the blood moon! The Dodorex and Dodowyvern will be striking fear into the hearts of Survivors with their fearsome return to the ARK! Hunt for new diabolical chibis, spectral creature skins, event themed threads, and new holiday emotes. Fear Evolved is one of our favorite events and we can't wait for you to experience what we've conjured up this year! Event Details This event can be manually activated with the server arg parameter: -ActiveEvent=FearEvolved Dates October 22
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  4. In this edition of the Community Crunch, we’ll be giving you more details on the upcoming TLC 3 patch and taking a look at some amazing community art. TLC 3 Update Excitement is ramping up and we're anxious to share more details on the creature improvements we've been working on. In addition to the creature upgrades we'll been sharing, there's more polish, balance, and quality of life updates in store for the upcoming TLC patch. Woolly Mammoth Recently we gave you a peek at the visual upgrades of the Woolly Mammoth but it’s abilities have also seen an upgrade. The Mammo
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  5. Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! While we continue polishing TLC 3 and addressing any live-game issues that arise, this week we will take a look at some awesome community fan art and community content. EVO Event There will be no EVO Event this week. Official ARK Discord The Official ARK Discord is thriving with 30k users within two weeks of launch. We've recently added LFG channels at popular request. Get into our new hub for info, updates, and news (sometimes you can talk to us there too!) https://discord.gg/playark Fa
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