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Looking for partner for Center/SE cross server


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Since December, I have mostly took care of my server by myself, and all that entailed. Advertising, Steampage, updates, paying, etc... I had help adminning the server in game, but admins came and went so much due to abuse, boredom of game, technical issues, etc...

I wiped and reset my server to Scorched Earth the night it released. Had a decent size group of players, but they left to play other games because they quickly became bored of it. What I am looking for now is a mature, adult partner, to share in all these duties, and to help be in charge of the whole thing.

It would entail us ordering a 2nd server to have set for the Center, and the host I'm with would set it to be linked with my current SE server. I would pay my normal server, and the partner would pay the Center one. Unfortunately, according to the host, we would have to have both servers under 1 clients name for it to work. I'm ok with this, as long as the partner is trustworthy to log on and pay their part. This would essentially double the server size from 30 to 60 slots, and hopefully be a big draw for players. 

I'm not 100% sure on all the details, but we'd both have access to the control panel of both, in order to keep things up to date. Partner would have to be active enough, and willing enough to update ASAP, as I do my own server, especially since I have no idea what would happen if 1 of the 2 was updated, but the other wasn't. We would discuss reasonable rates and mods of course, and the ini's for both would essentially be the exact same, which I have saved for easy copying and pasting of them for safety. Obviously, this partner must be aware of how to use the TCAdmin control panel that many hosts use, it's not that hard, but teaching it to someone who hasn't used it, can be overwhelming for them. 

With a partner devoted like I am, we could both advertise, admin, update, and everything, and hopefully bring it plenty players who want a fun experience. We also have a Discord we use. Honestly, I am exhausted after so long of trying alone, mostly because there was a long, rocky period of trouble due to the old host having technical problems that ruined the server, and help would be amazing. I just ask for someone mature, because they'd be taking half control of this all with me, and that's a big task to trust with someone you don't know, as either person could screw the whole thing up out of spite, and I'm not that kind of person, so I want someone else who isn't either.

If anyone is interested, please add me so we can discuss this.

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