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PS4 Update: ARK: Survival Evolved & ARK: SotF


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studio Wildcard is one of the most transparent and honest developers.   there doesn't need to be proof the ps4 version is being made.  wouldn't you think that if the ps4 version wasn't made, Sony would respond to false claims of PS4 version being submitted to Sony?   the PS4 build exists.  

and the devs gain nothing lying about the ps4 version.    its just not up to Sony's standards,  and some like telltale games zombie game only got a pass because those devs lied about the build they submitted to  Sony, marketing it as a completed game.  

anyways it would be bad reputation for ARK to launch as early access on ps4.   it could make more sales, higher scores and more positive first impressions if PS4 gets it after it is in beta phase.   so the optimization would make it much greater.  



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6 hours ago, DemonLordCronos said:

So expect it sometime 2017 or 2018

Well on second thought, with all the cash grab nonsense on PS4 and people getting away with selling their unpolished games on PS4 (like Fallout 4), Studio Wildcard does deserve to have ARK SE and ARK SOTF accepted sooner on ps4.   

I mean even in its current build, its playable and still played on xbox one.   as long as its marketing as an early access game on ps4, sony should allow it on ps4.   maybe they think most dont understand what early access means and things to expect from an alpha build.   but sony shouldn't be so harsh with early access policies and considering they already made exceptions, they really are not doing anything for ARK fans.      well the extra wait would result in a more polished build, though who knows what the industry will be like then.   and there is rumor ARK might be getting an earlier expansion, but some think optimization should take priorities,   I just don't know how they are going to handle the holiday "launch" of ARK, if it even goes beyond alpha into beta, and then gold status within 5-7 months.    

and who knows how soon the character creation overhaul is going to improve.   some think the excessive plans for more dinos is holding ARK back from going into beta. 

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telltale lying and getting away with having 7 Days to Die approved on Sony's console is already enough excuse to convince Sony to allow ARK Survival Evolved and Survival of the Fittest on PS4 already as is. 

though at the sametime the devs are delaying things even for PC because some think the holiday launch might get pushed back, I mean how can they add 20+ creatures and whatever content they want to add, then completing beta and launching it on time?

at the rate they're going, both H1Z1 King of the Kill and Just Survive will be on PS4 and Xbox One already.  They already have a trailer and date for the official PC launch next month.    they know adding too much content prelaunch isn't going to optimize and provide a complete game more people would pay for.

Wildcard might run out of money if they don't finalize the ARK content and produce a standard launch version asap.  Just cap the base content after adding Primal Survival, and move to beta for optimizing and finally launching.

they could profit much more selling any content they have yet to add as DLC or free patches.

if they are adding excessive content free anyways, they could patch it in free after launch. yes, we know adding new content can make more problems, but then why have future plans for an expansion?  worry about optimizing/fixes related to post launch content later,

finalize the launch content and optimize the base game now.   doing so would make the game approvable by Sony faster.  and I assure you, PS4 sales would generate more profit for Wildcard than any extra content they add on PC to try to entice PC gamers, when most of the PC crowds moved on,

especially when PC is already saturated with survival MMOs, people have lots of other things to play, while survival MMO is extremely new on console. 

ARK is starving itself dry overdoing it with overstretched content goals that will not convince even PC people to buy it until the game is optimized and actually a post beta optimized build game.  

They did get a lot of fans from Xbox One, but that's just a fraction of the consumerbase since the majority aren't going to jump in until its beyond early access, beyond beta, and actually a polished game.

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Just call the game finished and release it then add content.


you can do that, plenty of games have free content come.


also you claim sony says "no early access" but literally


Dungeon defenders 2


Dead star

were all early access or STILL in early access.


if you need examples of major content updates coming to a game on ps4 just look at warframe. it has gotten everything PC has gotten (granted a few weeks or month behind but so is ark on xbone)



so here is what you do.


announce ark is out of early access and hit version 1.0 or w.e  but more free content is planned announce ps4 releases in 1-2 weeks... release game

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Really? a paid DLC/expansion ontop of an unoptimized game?   they would make more money finalizing and optimizing the base game already and optimize it on ps4 so they can actually make sales from the 40 million+ user base on that platform.   and start making more money on PC, because most aren't going to buy ARK on PC until it's optmized and beyond beta.



Well a lot of youtube comments are demanding optimization, better framerate, optimization.

I mean really, if the devs are not interested in optimizing and want to leave the game stability like DayZ,  then they as well "exaggerate" to Sony like Telltale did,  so ARK SE can come to PS4 already. 


Releasing expansions before leave early access? Really?  (776 likes)
you have to buy this dlc DILO that is bs well im done with ark and if you don't like it ***** off what you think isnt needed the game isnt done so releasing paid dlc is bs for any real gamer. (455 likes)

fix the freaking fps  (197 likes)

So releasing a DLC on an unfinished game is top priority over well idk finishing the damn game?   (236 likes)
If you don't plan on optimizing the original game, just say so. For ____ sake morons. We PC peeps gave you our money and you're ______  us around with this bull___ .  OPtimize the original or ________ YOU IGNORANT DISHONEST ________ (75 likes)
Optimize your _____ game first ______. Putting out an expansion while the base game is still in beta. DILO! Money grubbing ______ (502 likes)
Working on DLC when it's not even done on PS4 ? ___ off, _____ this BS   (45 likes)
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Im probably the most vocal about the ps4 version coming out, but i think they blew all their money on 2 giant dinos and the stupid sotf tournaments. If it ever comes out on ps4 im still gonna buy it, but i think we should get something for all the delays and that they should give us an exact date or a statement that isnt PR bullcrap

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Now I am even more hyped for ARK on PS4 with lastest DLC ... but rly does Sony have to do such problem with it since community desires it so much ? 
maby Sony is afraid of this project becoming abandoned since last 40 mil pay law suit ? that is possible imo . neverthenless studio is trying to recompensate for the money they lost with this dlc . I like it but still hope this game will be released this year as early as possible . with the PS4 release they might compensate even more if they manage to talk Sony into releasing it early access .

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the expansion news is not a good sign though because if the developers really are too stubborn to optimize this game, then the ps4 version of ARK will be withheld indefinitely since dony wont accept it as is.    also the devs could make more money than the expansion by finalizing the base content as is, optimizing the game for ps4 approval, and make lots of sales from ps4 version, as well as xbox one version with a finalized build.  

most pc gamers have moved on.  an expansion is not going to profit them like a ps4 version would.  

sony is not going to accept it as early access.    if the devs are bent on keeping it in alpha, then it's going nowhere.  

I think Gaben/steam extremely spoiled development companies into cashing in on half working games.  it's lazy and  terrible.   

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even a hollow company still goes whereever makes them the most profit.

they must have no common sense though because they would realize an expansion would not profit them as much as ARK games would on PS4.

even xbox one reception was just a taste of the potential sales they can get on consoles


just finalize the current content, optimize the game, get it available on PSN on PS4, officially launch on all 3 platforms, THEN they can get the bigger money rolling in.

as is, they are getting bad reputation with the direction they are going with it, and more people are dropping interest in buying ARK.

Maybe all their optimization developers jumped ship.   they been stretching the alpha too long and making the base content too large.  

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it's really up to Studio Wildcard. Sony is not all that bad.  Unlike Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony policies are actually very flexible, and they have the only console that accepts more kinds of asian MMORPGs including Final Fantasy XIV, and it might even get Black Desert.      If you look at PS4's selection of games compared to nintendo and microsoft, PS4 has the greatest 3rd party support. 

yea when it comes to early access, they are strict, but overall, developers should polish their games if they want a better chance of being approved on PS4.   Horizon, Mass Effect Andromeda, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty, and so on, these games come to PS4 and they don't try to submit some half working game to Sony.   7dtd bypassed the hurdle with deception, so they exploited a loophole.    

anyways, with Wildcard's way of doing things, people are not going to hold their breath.  if they actually get around to adding all the content they plan to add and actually optimize the content so it's up to gamers polished standards, then it might launch on PS4.   until then, I'll be optimistic, but not expecting anything from ARK at this point.  

games like H1Z1 King of the Kill are going to launch and be enjoyed on PS4 long before either of the ARK games are qualified.   it would be insane if even Just Survive releases on PS4 before ARK. 

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33 minutes ago, DemonLordCronos said:

But on wildcards end all we get is a big FU and i for one think they need a better PR plan than this

lol im actually having that exact convo in another thread. Stating how when theres an announcment its nowhere to be found on their OFFICIAL site. Its on twitter, discord, steam, or anywhere else. Why should we all have to search hell and high water to find info on the game we want to support and help make better. We are all here posting our likes, dislikes, bugs, and everything else we think about the game. Shouldn't they be here a lot more often?

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despite the uncertainty of the situation, it's better to be optimistic.  if Wildcard gets around to adding AAALL the content they plan for the base game, and then actually optimize the game to be accepted on PS4, and both SE and SOTF make it to PS4, then epic ARK things could happen for PS4 gamers, and then Wildcard could start making a real profit.  there's not a single game exactly like the ARK games, and even with H1Z1 releasing sooner on PS4, ARK has the better survival and PVP games.  ARK's franchise and genre is very new and innovative compared to genres that have been around since the 8 bit days. 


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