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  1. Most of us waiting for the console release have had it ruined by pc players uploading to YouTube. You need to release some mods on console to make up for it.
  2. First off im not angry im disappointed. I had 3 games to look forward to this year and 2 of them were delayed until 2019, Extinction was my last great hope to redeem developers this year. Now a week aint bad but i got a family member in poor shape(not dying but he will never be the same) who was looking forward to this on his first trip out of the hospital. I expected better with a year to work on it.
  3. What i really wanna know is when more sponsored mods are coming to consoles?
  4. DemonLordCronos


    Styracosaurus, brachiosaurus, and a stygimoloch
  5. tested soloing the broodmother with different smaller creatures. Pachy, kentro, and kapro work pretty good
  6. DemonLordCronos

    Skull Base

    By the power of Greyskull!
  7. Everyone just chill the funk out, wild card needs to be encouraged not discouraged. Now that that is said, can we get a hint about the next dlc please?
  8. That Mosa Rex drawing looks like the 90s American Godzilla
  9. I'll be honest the moon mod looks terrifying but i wanna play it and hopefully creatures will be tameable in it
  10. I finally caved and got an xbox just for ark, and had to watch one skeletal raptor annihilate my 25 tames in a matter of minutes. I had one dino left after all was done and i dont regret it one bit
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