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  1. DemonLordCronos

    Found a (What looks like) gigantosaurus skull

    It doesnt match the giga skull structure
  2. DemonLordCronos

    Water Wyvern Concept

    If you want good examples look at the water based wyverns in monster hunter. Plesioth minus the hip check from hell is a pretty good example.
  3. DemonLordCronos

    Sponsored Mods on Console

    Personally i wanna see dragonpunk and the mod maps.
  4. DemonLordCronos

    more wyverns

    Honestly a water wyvern shouldn't fly or glide, but instead should be able to surf like the peligorni(Wet wings not so good for flying)
  5. DemonLordCronos

    screenshot When boredom hits

    No happy little trees?
  6. Id like to see dlc that even single player people can enjoy. Maybe a map with ncps that you can join or cooperate with to a certain goal, i know its just like online but maybe make it strange and twisted with rewards to match
  7. DemonLordCronos

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    With really stubby legs
  8. DemonLordCronos

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Scorched Earth needs a sandshark and aberration could use mobile plant and mushroom creatures
  9. DemonLordCronos

    Ravagers OP!

    Playing single player my ravager that i named "Muppet Fart" is easily my strongest tame and fastest at this point
  10. DemonLordCronos

    A Basilisk should be longer?

    I always picture a basilisk as having 6 or 8 legs
  11. DemonLordCronos

    3rd DLC Guesses

    Id like to see craftable creatures if its got a tek based thing
  12. DemonLordCronos

    Ark: Aberration

    Who's ready to charge naked into the unknown?
  13. DemonLordCronos

    Explore or tame

    If they ever make bulbpug plushies my daughters have already insisted on their own army of them
  14. DemonLordCronos

    Explore or tame

    Which one does everyone plan on focusing on first?
  15. DemonLordCronos

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    When i was on a Scorched server we took out an alpha deathworm with 3 rex and a thorny dragon, just rotate which rex has the aggro