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I've only imprinted pteranodon, parasaur and argentavis so far.  I'm imprinting a first anklyo now.  I've noticed that the imprinting settings seem to make it very difficult to 100% imprint without buying consumables with amber.  Aside from the tiny bit of amber you get through play, you have to buy it with real money.  So, Ark Mobile is quickly looking like a pay to play game.  Am I just missing something?

I had to hatch 4 argentavis at the same time just to luck up and have one able to get to 100% imprint.  The game seems to pick a random duration before you can take an imprint action.  For argentavis, it seemed to range from 30 minutes to 38 mintues each.  Anything over 32 minutes or so is too long.  My anklyo's first duration was 30 min.  After taking that, the next one is 38 minutes.  It only gains 24.7 % imprint each time.  So,  like argentavis, it will take 5 imprints.  Even after just 30 min, the anklyo was over 20% grown.  So, I doubt this anklyo (or maybe any) can be 100% imprinted.  I was not able to 100% imprint on the only parasaur or pteranodon I tried.

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