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Hotbar Changes (Controllers)



Hello I'd like to suggest a new way to use the hotbar, I believe the current hotbar system is extremely inefficient and it takes up far too many buttons on the controller (using Xbox as Example) All D-pads plus hold LB ABXY Up/Down D-pads that is 11 buttons on the controller to select the entire hotbar leaving limited room for modders and the devs themselves to use the buttons

So I'm purposing that to free up some buttons, change the hotbar to a scroll system like Minecraft or Valheim, utilize the left and right D-pads to change the item in your hand then down on the D-pad to toggle fists, this would at the least open up the top D-pad and then LB ABXY open for new buttons modders and the devs could utilize

I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks of this and if the devs see this please seriously consider atleast something like this

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