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I played ASE on XBox for years until it deleted my save several months ago.  I have no interest in public/official servers.  I wanted to setup my own server.  But, with ASA blocking console users from self-hosted servers and forcing them to pay crazy Nitrado prices, I thought my Ark days were done.  But, I recently caved and gave Ark Mobile a try.  I'm confused about kibble and have two questions:

The wiki says a Rex wants Pulmonoscorpius Egg kibble on mobile.  The wiki says that is a "regular" kibble.  So, can I craft and use the standard regular kibble instead and still get the best Rex tame?

Also, on mobile, do higher quality kibbles work the same as an animal's preferred kibble (like they do on non-mobile)?  Meaning, I could just use standard exceptional or extroadinary kibble as well?

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