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The graphics of this game

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Surely this is a bug because the quality of this game is shocking, its so bad that ive had to quit the game because on a £300 monitor (4k 120hz) this game looks awful, the game like 10x worse than ark survival evolved and no matter what i try nothing will fix it, the quality is 4k (ive tried 1440p and 1080p) but nothing will fix it, the games quality is overall a mess, awful lighting (sometimes it feels non existant) grainy quality, almost like im seeing individual pixels and its just overall appauling. Ive tried everything to fix this game, hone through all the setting and changed them about to see if that will fix it but it doesnt. Ive gone through xbox settings and changed them about to see if that will fix it but nothing has. I cannot get this game to look ANY better. Pls Help or if possible fix the game (i dont know if this is just for me or for everyone) im using an xbox series S 

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