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As ark survival ascended is growing and unleashing more and more features, Dino’s and maps all the time I think it would be great to have some suggestions for what the community thinks should be added to make the game more fun, user friendly and more enjoyable. I think a great addition to Ark Survival Ascended would be some sort of mobile app that you can connect to servers official and non official. This is an idea that comes from the game “Rust” and I think that a similar system would really help players when not on the game. The main goal of this app would be to provide players with data about the server, information about the tribe (such as players online, tribe logs ect) Dino raising information (Current maturity, next imprint, stats, food in inventory and many more helpful bits of information) The app could also be connected to tek troughs so the player is aware of how much food is left. The amount of stuff this app could have is endless and would definitely help a large majority of players who can’t be on the game at all times of the day as these players would know if they need to quickly log on and feed Dino’s, fill generators, tend to hatched eggs and many other useful features. A good idea to keep the app fair is to make it need a crafted item (like a antenna) and power to connect the server to your app.  

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