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Get rid of BattleEye



Been throu evolved, and ascended, with "battleEye" doing what they best do. Nothing. And ive seen a lot of hackers going off at official, so then what battleEye does ? Because on my opinion it didnt prevent anyone to hack the game. But in case you're the 0.01% of players who get bugged on the launching process of the game on steam's platform and you get the endless "Button back to play" glitch. Then you're gonna get ignored by both Steam Devs and Ark Devs, cause your never gonna be able to run Ark even after reinstalling clean windows (for fourth time) reinstalling steam for sixth time, reinstalling game for fifth time, reinstalling drivers, etc. Specially when you bought that PC only, are only for Ark itself, then that battleEye BS will come up failin all of your one thousand launching desperate attempts. 

However, what is battleEye doing succesfully is waste my warranty times, cause I cant keep testing my hardware see if it comes to run good. Even thou it was a hardware issue, i woulnt be able to launch the rest of the games, and I am... have that clear. BattleEye is just a parasite, doing nothing and chargin for it. It does the same like the Xmas tree star on top. It still looks like crap and however it does nothing at all.

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