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The baby Argentavis in the trailer come to mind for this suggestion. Docuseries showing the imagined lives of ancient creatures, pteradons taking their frist risky flights from their clifftop nests.


This isn't a new suggestion, but a rather proposed method of implementation.


Instead of spawning the parent and randomly spawning babies for the flyers, instead randomly spawn nests in preset locations. Kind of like Beaver dams. Then have the "parent(s)" spawn and be set to either remain near the nest or periodically return to the nest.  The nest can have an inventory of nesting materials and keratin (suggesting perhaps broken eggs or a non-surviving brood). The nest can randomly have eggs that can be stolen or babies that are nest-bound unless tamed (which would otherwise work like the other wild babies ingame).


The nests would be challenging to get to, atop cliffs and giant trees amd mountains. Maybe hidden away in seaside caves or little nooks. It would be a fun little side hunt, and just a bit more atmosphere.


I'm not experienced on all the coding in this game. I don't know if the wild parents and babies could be setup with a unique class to give the custom AI for this, and then they would tame to the normal tamed class versions. That is what I'm imagining with this suggestion though...

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