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Help with personal server

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I played years back but just on single player and local splitscreen.  Due to living out in the middle of nowhere with very poor internet (data capped, slow, etc). 


Just recently we've been bumped into the 21st century (Yay!) with Fibre internet. 

So bare with me here as I am new to all of this. I am not tech savvy and really trying to learn. Practically lived under a rock all this time. I've googled my brains out and don't understand what little I find or don't find anything relevant to my search. 


I DO NOT want to rent a server. 


It's just me and my BF playing mostly (maybe a friend or 2 sometime) and as you can imagine we HATE the tether!!! 


I want to set up my own little server but am a bit lost with all that. 

I don't know if I can use a PC tower with our consoles (a PS4 Pro & a PS5). 

Or if we need/have to stick with another console to run as the server. 


I have tried to look into this but it's driving me crazy, some say you can use a PC tower with consoles others say you can't, so I'm lost there. 


I've seen mention of specific software to run, not sure which for what. 


I do know that the console server would need PS+. I've got my current PS4 Pro & PS5 set as my primary, so they both run off the 1 PS+ account. 

I can't do another PS+ sub. 

I need as cheap as possible and hopefully easy. I need details, remember this is all new to me please. 

*ASE obviously 


A little sidenote:

I lost everything last year (house and furbabies) due to fire. Money is tight! I'm still cleaning up, reacquiring and rebuilding. 

And I use my game time to escape my reality and try to not think about things. 




We've also recently played Non-Dedicated Local/Host, but it has the tether as well. 

Thank you in advance

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