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Here's my take/rant. I played ark for a long time.  This time around (ASA) its wild. I think blocking explorer notes with 1x1s without being able to transfer til SE comes out is gonna make things rough.   I've been playing on Pc pvp and they should buff the range of the explorer notes to a few tiles.  A bunch of servers already have 15 plus notes blocked off. It's a bit much tbh. I get it alpha tribe stuff, but does it need to be this bad? Most seem to have squids, gigas and boss fights done already.  At least enable character transfers, naked only. Some ppl will say you "I can level to 70 or whatever in 1 day solo" I say go ahead spend 12 hrs leveling just to realize you're in a bad server and have to start all over again on a different server. Unless your joining  a server with a bunch of your friends it's really not worth trying. Your only option is hoping to get recruited by some tribe who will hook you up. 

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