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Tarbosaurus: The Hunter of the Wasteland




IMG_2875.jpeg.386d8d2c62feb3de177a7de3cb23cef0.jpegGeneral information:

Tarbosaurus was a genus of tyrannosaurine dinosaur from Asia, specifically Mongolia and China. Living 70 million years ago, it was around 33ft long, 9.8ft tall at the hips, and weighed 4.5 to 5 metric tons. It was the top predator of its time, feeding on large hadrosaurs and sauropods. 


Ark information: 

Common Name: Tarbosaurus

Species: Tarbosaurus vastatio (vastatio means “waste” in Latin so it’s name translates to “alarming lizard of the waste”)

Time: Late Cretaceous 

Diet: Carnivore 

Temperament: Aggressive, but somewhat lazy IMG_2874.jpeg.7a0dadfe993befe7bc202e9c2e5be9a2.jpeg



From a distance, one might mistake this predator for its larger cousin, the T.Rex. But on closer inspection (or only as close as you want to be) it’s clear that Tarbosaurus vastatio is a very different theropod. While still large, it’s not as big or stocky like it’s relative. Its slimmer build allows it to travel through these wastelands surprisingly fast for an animal of its size, although it does get exhausted very quickly. I frequently see packs of them stopping and napping after a hunt or after they travel long distances. 


Tarbosaurus have a very affective hunting strategy. Once the pack locks on a target, they will mob it and deliver powerful bites to they prey’s sides. The goal is to cripple the animal so that it can’t get away or put up much of a struggle. After the target is brought down, the pack will gorge themselves until they can’t stomach another bite. After a good meal Tarbosaurus become very sluggish and will straight up ignore anything that comes near them while they lounge around. But once they’re hungry again, I’d definitely stay away from them.



Its lazy nature is actually the reason why survivors have come to tame these predators. Once a Tarbosaur lays down to take a nap, carefully throw any kind of concoction into its mouth to forcefully wake it up. Waking it up before its nap is over will bring it closer to completion exhaustion. By prolonging it’s much needed sleep long enough, the mighty theropod will eventually pass out. Surprisingly, tamed Tarbosaurus don’t seem to have the need to take naps unlike their wild counterparts. You can however give them the same items you used to keep them awake during the taming process to give them a boost of energy. Don’t overstimulate them though cause they might pass out if given too much. 


A tamed Tarbosaurus is an amazing animal to have at your side. These powerful predators are perfectly suited for fighting animals far larger than they are. It seems that the larger the opponent they face, the stronger they become. So it’s definitely better to use against the larger creatures that have been affected by the Element corruption than the smaller ones. Either way it is still a great beast to have fighting for you. Its crippling bite is probably its best attribute. Being able to immobilize an enemy for either an easy kill or a quick escape make’s Tarbosaurus vital in these extremely dangerous wastelands. 


Tabrosaurus would be a mid to late game carnivore mount similar to that of a Rex or Spino. Having a good amount of health, damage, and weight while also having high movement speed for a tame of its size. However, its high movement speed comes at a cost of having low stamina. Players would tame them by waiting for these dinosaurs to fall asleep and feeding them Energy Brews. After keeping it awake long enough eventually it will completely pass out and which point it can be fed Exceptional Kibble. 


While possessing a normal attack like other tamed of its size, Tarbosaurus has a vital ability that makes its stand out from others. A crippling bite. This crippling bite is an attack that does less damage than it’s regular attack, but stuns and immobilizes the target for a short time. This stun affect last for only 10 seconds and the crippling bite has a 20 second cooldown before it can be used again. This attack would not affect bosses or titans. 


Tamed Tarbosaurs can be force feed Energy Brews to give them a buff which decreases their stamina drain and increases their movement speed at the cost of raising their torpor dramatically. Use this boost sparingly, otherwise they will pass out. Its damage output is based on drag weight. The higher the drag weight of a target, the more damage a Tarbosaur will inflict on it. 


Images are not mine 

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Hi guys I would like to introduce you guys to the TARBOSAURUS EXTERMACORRUPTUS

this guy has been a idea of mine since the second creature vote from A.S.E this creature has gone through many iterations so I think these tyranosaurids need a bit of a spotlight.


SPECIES: Tarbosaurus Extermacorruptus 

DIET: carnivore 

TIME: Late Cretaceous 

TEMPERMENT: Agressive/ Vengeful 


Rampaging towards the city wastelands Tarbosaurus extermacorruptus can be described as a “ELEMENT HATING TERMINATOR” Tarbosaurus will attack anything that remotely involves with element that being corrupted creatures, tek sentry’s or organisms that have traces of element . I’ve even seen some of them ripping pieces off the corrupted creatures and sticking them on to their bodies to give them natural camouflage and extra resistances from potential prey. It even seems that the more element they ingest allows them to temporarily gain new abilities that enhance their destructive capabilities.


once domesticated these anti element creature can provide a destructive punch against anything element related to ease your tribes efforts at surviving the wasteland .tarbosaurus make amazing companions being able to avoid all corrupted creatures if wanted or going in for a full on carnage mayhem. I do advise not to over feed your new friend with too much element or corrupted nodules since doing so will cause it to go into a “berserker “ similar to a giganotosaurus for a brief time then proceeding to vomit excess element.


ok so how would this beautiful devil help you better then a charchar or a giga you say ? Glad you asked.

THE tarbosaurus’s niche would be corruption exterminator. While fighting of hordes of enemy’s if some of them were to be corrupted, made out of element (robots, mek’s, styrders,tek Dino’s ) or have anything to do with element(ferox,noglin,shadowmane,dinos with tek saddles) tarbosaurus will gain a natural 30% damage increase against those foes.

if there is a corrupted corpse near the tarbosaurus it can start eating the creature and it will prok a animation that would cover it in the corrupted goo that you see with any other corrupted creature . While having this “ corrupted armour” it gains “ 30% damage reduction, immune to stuns , will be invisible to the eyes of corrupted creatures and can temporarily destroy tek structures. However this does come with the cost of taking extra damage from tek weapons and fire damage.

And finally for if it has access to corrupted nodules or element it can enhance its natural damage output and it gains extra abilities like:

1. tail swipe ( does a bit of knock back)

2. roar ( aggros any corrupted creatures/ increase all damage for tarbosaurus)

3. TARNISHED BITE (it’s essentially a charged bite that if held and connects with a enemy tame inflicts huge damage but also applies “element poisoning”)


this is the tarbos unique ailment that will guarantee that the afflicted creature will die within 30 seconds . The only way to surpass the ailment would be to flee within a certain radius from the tarbo or you must be able to kill it before the time expires. 

NOTE: tarbosaurus would be able to enter boss arenas since it is the same size as a Rex but it abilities would be limited if there aren’t any corrupted or tek creatures . Tarbosaurus would flourish in extinction(general) and the boss arenas of gen 1 and 2


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