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Species: Cameroceras Thalassapyro
Time: Middle Ordivician
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive


Many survivors including myself have noted the extreme depth of the ocean on this Ark, apparently the western side of the ocean has no end but I seriously doubt if this is true. Many prehistoric marine life dwell in the strange abyss but one of them is significantly more flashier (fishier?) than the others, Cameroceras Thalassapyro. In a lot of ways it is similar to Tusoteuthis Vampyrus in that they are both cephalopods capable of spraying ink but that's where the similarities end for me at least. For one Cameroceras is much smaller that Tusoteuthis (I'd posit around the size of a Dunkleosteus) and well it glows and not just that, it's ink glows. Cameroceras ink seems to have many different properties depending on which colour the Cameroceras decides to glow and it can fire the ink in multiple different ways, either in a single big cloud similar to Tusoteuthis or multiple small bursts it can fire from a distance.


A tamed Cameroceras can prove to be one of the most useful underwater creatures to have at your (tribe's) disposal. Its large cone-like shell can be used as a big spear to just simply skewer other creatures but that's rarely why survivors tame them. The main reason Cameroceras Thalassapyro is tamed is due to its glowing ink that changes its properties depending on its colour, from what I have seen there are three "modes" Cameroceras can go into "heal" (green), "damage" (red), and "freeze (or just stun)" (cyan). What the ink does in these modes is pretty self-explanatory but as stated before Cameroceras can fire the ink in multiple ways either in a single large cloud or multiple small bursts that can be fired from a distance but I should warn you, Cameroceras is not an infinite well of ink, if too much ink is expelled it will have no ink in its body and will have to speed up its metabolism to make more ink, in non-biologist words when Cameroceras runs out of ink it gets incredibly hungry so make sure you brought a lot of snacks during your dives with this thing.


Cameroceras is the multi-purpose aquatic creature capable of stunning, dealing damage, and even healing things and its all because of its fancy glowing ink! 
Cameroceras' basic attacks include a bite and weird cone slam, similar to the Woolly Rhino you can turn this cone slam into a powerful charge attack though not as powerful as the Wooly Rhino's charge attack.
Cameroceras can expel ink the same way in all of its modes either in single devastating cloud like the Tusoteuthis or it can fire pellets of the ink from a distance similar to a tek saddle.
The three modes are heal (green), damage (red), and freeze (or stun) (cyan). Heal mode heals things that come in contact with the ink, Damage mode, get this, damages things that come in contact with the ink crazy right?, and lastly freeze mode stuns things that come in contact with the ink.
Stun mode in particular deserves a somewhat deeper look, the ink bullets don't immediately stun enemies but only after many, many shots. The Single Ink Cloud does instantly stun enemies however.
Cameroceras has a unique ink stat, this stat determines how much ink it can expel, when theres no more ink Cameroceras gets a status effect that increases ink replenishing however also making it's hunger drain a bit more.

Oops I forgot to add how you tame this thing, uuhhh you let it eat some honey i guess.

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