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403485044_14sinttulo_20230731103353(1)(1)(1).png.0a8c851c6330838e312b164187fbf9c6.pngMy presentation for the vote of the next creature on the map of the center is the haast eagle, also known as harpagornis.

 Facts about harpagornis:

 It was the largest eagle that ever existed with tiger-sized claws, and is credited with being the inspiration behind the legends of giant, man-eating birds in New Zealand. It was the apex predator of its environment and was capable of killing creatures several times its size. Given this, I believe it could function well as a powerful predator of the apex of the ark's heavens.

Feature for the game:

 Having the haast eagle comfortably and quickly criss-cross the skies over mountains, jungles and a rough ocean where to dive to fish inside the ark would provide a powerful new flyer that would not only give a fun way to travel the map, but would also be a useful tool full of utility depending on what you need and how you use it.


 - dive attack: can perform a dive attack to stun and immobilize the flyers in the air for about ten seconds (works on creatures the size of a quetzal or wyvern).

Rafaga electric feathers: this attack consists of throwing several of its electric feathers, poisonous or both at its enemies, (this can be done on the ground and in the air, depending on where the rider is pointing). After performing this attack, your enemy will be marked with an orange or reddish aura, depending on your life, in addition to being able to carry a quick attack.

 - fast forward attack: this attack can be made after you hit a maximum of 5 or 6 feathers to your target, giving harpagornis the opportunity to make this attack charged forward, giving him a big hit.

 - improved agility: harpagornis has developed the ability to spin in the air just like a pteranodon to cause even more damage to its enemies at high speeds, in turn gaining 40 seconds of affinity in its speed and energy.

First class meat and fish catcher: can collect first class fish and meat from the small creatures of the ark with their claws or beak (these can be dodos, kairukus, pegomastax, piranhas, coelacanths, jerboa, etc.).

 -speed and damage: it is extremely faster and stronger than an argentavis but not as fast as a pteranodon, against its life/energy.

 - electromagnetic wave attack: generally consists of around it an electrical wave, which near electrical devices deactivates them for a period of 120 seconds causing this attack to weaken enemy traps, this can also alter the structures composed of tek element (armor, turrets and frames composed of this element).

Cosmetic shriek: produces a shriek similar to that of eagles or hawks, opening their large wings to appear larger.

 -eagle's eye: when activated mounted on harpagornis, this will give the possibility of seeing the other creatures, serving as a mixture between an advanced telescope and a magnifying glass for its rider giving information about life, unconsciousness and level without the need to approach its prey or future taming.

 Method of domestication:

 Either as a tranquilizer and food or as a standard, it can also be done by collecting eggs from nests in large trees and cliffs.


 Its appearance is loosely based on the largest living forest eagles along with a mixture of fishing eagles such as the harpy, crowned and Philippine eagles, but with obvious differences to give it a distinctive look. Taking as a sample its feather crown like some other large raptors. It would have a high, upright posture when grounded. A small detail worth mentioning is that in real life it had a rather long beak, which I base for its design and art.

 Additional data:

 He can be seen hunting and watching all the wild creatures in the ark, as well as hunting and grabbing them with his powerful claws. It is larger than an argentavis and more voluminous. In addition to having a taste for the ark turtles being able to grab the carbonemys by stunning them and taking them away to be devoured like the current eagles. It appears with nests in redwoods, near cliffs and in colder areas of the map at higher altitudes. Release feathers that serve as a skin substitute or being able to be a new agile armor for the player. Most large eagle nests today are filled with skins and bones from previous meals, so even if eggs are the main focus, one might collect some fur or additional resources from empty nests/nests.   14 sin título_20230731103353 (1) (1) (1).png

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4 minutes ago, YGLeonA said:

I hope you don't mind, but since you suggested it, I am going to add the content that I had prepared, since it is a single post per creature. Let's see if you like some of my ideas and add them

Of course, I love ideas for this gorgeous bird, so there would be no problem having more to give this bad guy :D

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