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General Information: 

Torosaurus was a large ceratopsian dinosaur that lived 68-66 million years ago in North America. At 30 ft in length, weighing up to 13,000 lbs, and having a 9 ft long skull, it was one of the largest of the horned dinosaurs.


Ark Information:

Common Name: Torosaurus 

Species: Torosaurus iratus (Angry perforated lizard) 

Time: Late Cretaceous 

Diet: Herbivore 

Temperament: Aggressive



These behemoths are not something you don’t want to be on their bad side. Torosaurus are very similar to the other ceratopsians I have come across on these Arks, with large horns and a long frill covering the back of its neck. Unlike the Triceratops or the Pachyrinosaurus, however, it was much larger and lives a solitary lifestyle. If you find two of these beast together they are almost always fighting each other. Torosaurus are very territorial and will fight anything or anyone that it seems as a challenger to its turf. There are very few things that can stand up to one of these beast once they start their charge. Torosaurus also have a habit of sharpening their horns before a fight to make them even more dangerous.


If you run into one of these dinosaurs, I have one word of advice. DO NOT RUN! Running will trigger it to charge and it won’t stop until it tramples you. If you want to survive a Torosaurus encounter you have to stand your ground. It will view you as a challenger rather than a target to mow down. Once it sees you as a challenger, you either have the option to fight or back down. While backing down might be the safest option, fighting it is the key to domesticating them from what I’ve been told. 



Those who have tamed a Torosaurus are some of the most hardened survivors I have ever met. They have told me that by standing their ground and fighting, the dinosaur eventually calmed down and they were even able to hop onto its back. It would try to buck them off like a rodeo bull before eventually soothing it with food. Once it has relaxed, the real challenge begins. By leading the Torosaurus to new challengers to fight, the survivors were eventually able to gain their trust. 


The brave survivors who have tamed them no pose a near unstoppable animal of war at their side. A Torosaur’s charge is powerful enough to plow through lower quantity structures and severely damage high quality ones. They are also impossible to stop once they get going. I’ve been told the only way to stop them from charging is be throwing explosives under their legs.  Its horns are also a force to be reckoned with. With the ability to sharpen its horns, it can use them to cut through armor and gore anything that gets in its way. When its horns are blunt, they are more suited for crashing through walls and knocking enemies off their feet. 


Surprisingly, Torosaurus isn’t just a good war mount. Its powerful legs are also useful in travel and it can carry heavy loads quite well. This animal is also great at scaling rough terrain and is even a fairly good swimmer for a creature of its size. Its temper also seems to heighten its fighting capabilities when it’s in the presence of large animals. Torosaurus it a very versatile creature to have by a survivors side. 


Torosaurus would be a late game powerhouse herbivore. It would be cable of damaging structures up to metal tier as well as take reduced damage when attacked from the head like the Triceratops. Its main attacks would be a charge and a horn attack. It’ll have two separate modes: Sharpened Horns Mode and Blunt Horns Mode.

Sharpened Horns Mode: This mode is activated by Torosaurus scraping its horns on the ground. When this mode is activated, Torosaur’s horn attack deals increased damage and add a bleed affect to the target. Reduced knock back on both attacks. The buff last for 1 minute and has a 2 minute cooldown. 

Blunt Horns Mode: The natural state for Torosaurus. Charge attack deals more damage to structures and targets. Increased knock back on both attacks. 

Torosaurus also possesses the Rivalry ability of a Triceratops. Its taming method will be a mix of a Reaper, Amargasaurus, and Carchardontosaurus. First you must damage it bellow 10% health, then hop on its back and guide it towards creatures to fight, feeding it either kibble or healing items periodically.

(images are not mine) 



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