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fanfiction Florian's Journal Chapter 7 (Pillars in the Sky)


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So, it's at this point in the story when I would very highly recommend you start by reading the previous chapters first. Otherwise, as the chapters go on, you're gonna start to feel a bit lost story-wise. This is especially true for anyone who might read my story that has not played Ark Survival Evolved before. However; if you haven't read the previous chapters first and choose not to, then I get you; I understand; you're a rebel and don't want to be told in what chapter order to read your stories. ;) Just don't complain to me if you feel a bit lost, if things don't feel explained enough, or if the story seems a bit off. :P 

To Celebrate the Existence of This Game, and to Mourn the approach of its Death, let's continue on with chapter 7! Or, as the case may be for some of you, start with chapter 7!


FIRSTLY: I would like to state that this story is NONFICTION, meaning that every event is completely true and really did happen. wildcard did not provide a nonfiction prefix for me to choose, only a fanfiction one, so I guess that's what I have to go with...



                      The events of this story are Very Heavily based upon the true life events experienced through the perspective of the player character Florian, Nine, Wind. The events are marginally smoothed to convert video game aspects into real life description, and ever so slightly dramatized for entertainment purposes; to make the story more enjoyable.

                       These events occurred within the online video game “Ark Survival Evolved” which is owned by “Studio Wildcard”. So…while the original life events occurred through Florian and the other player characters mentioned within this story; the world scenery and visual assets, as well as the in-game story elements, were created by and are owned by “Studio Wildcard”.

                     These events occurred majoritively upon the “Official The Island Server 39”, with only the very ending occurring upon the “Official The Island Server 2”; and the planned Epilogue on the “Official Ragnarok Server 65”; all of which no longer exist. Server 39 and 2 would be considered "Legacy Servers" if they still existed. Server 65 would be considered a "Modern Server Soon To Be Ended" if it also still existed.

                  The player created events of this story occurred between the time period of the game’s early access launch, on the online video-game hosting service “Steam” owned by “Valve”, which debuted on June 2, 2015; and just slightly beyond the game’s "full 1.0 release" on August 29, 2017. More specifically; the story of Florian’s journey, which would be depicted within the completed version of this book(If I ever manage to fully complete it), transpired approximately between November 28, 2015 and November 4, 2017.

                   I am hoping that this story will be a way for people who love Ark; that have friends that don't like playing video games; or not open world sand box video games; but who may like to read; to show those friends what the game Ark Survival Evolved is really like; or at least what it CAN be. I am also hoping to convey to those who may read it what This Video Game Has Meant To Me Personally.

                So...Without Further ADO...I Hope You Enjoy! :D           

57                                                                                                                                          57

Chapter 7

Pillars in the Sky

                Having discovered that I could reappear from the void generally close to locations which I had been to before…with enough concentration…I decided to revive near Dab City. Looking down from the rocky cliff-covered hills beside it, I found myself considering whether to just walk up to the front gate and introduce myself after-all. ‘Humans could be deceitful…cruel…perverse; especially with unfamiliar newcomers.’ Despite being one myself…I didn’t trust them. ‘Still…not much I could do on my own. If safety and man-power were the reward…then it might be worth the risk.’

             As I contemplated this, a flash of light off the corner of my peripheral vision caught my attention!

              I looked to my right; and saw a pillar of bright, purple light several yards up the coastline; high up on a hill. It flashed with lightning energy; similar to the beam I’d seen rushing through the middle of that enormous floating tower! The purple ray extended from the ground, high into the sky; farther than my vision could reach! As my eyes followed up along its length…I could just make out the form of a large, metal object; slowly descending through its center…

            Swiftly scrambling to my feet; I sprinted across the steep, rolling hills…hoping to intercept the entity as it reached the ground!

            Approaching the base of the purple beam, I watched as the object descended into a sparse covering of trees and bushes…

              …It was a large, metal, diamond-shaped structure; which looked similar to the implant on my left wrist. Appearing to be about four times my height, and three times my width, with four vertically pointed wing-flaps set equally distanced around it; along with eight large, metal panels rapidly encircling it; which were perhaps held by some kind of magnetic energy.

58                                                                                                                                          58

            The object’s sharply pointed bottom sank a few feet into the ground, as it finally stopped its descent; though the eight flying panels continued to swiftly circle it. The metal diamond’s structure appeared to pulsate with purple light, as the beam continued to encase it…although the flashing pillar seemed to have shortened now; tapering off in a sharp point, just on the edge of my vision.

            I walked around the structure curiously…but carefully; having absolutely no idea as to what it might be. Then, I noticed a small diamond-shaped indent about a fourth of the way up on one side; it looked to be about the same size and shape as my implant!

             The eight metal panels still whizzing around, I timed myself carefully; so as to jump passed between them without getting hit! There was about four feet of space between the object and its circling panels. I walked up to it, and placed my right hand onto its smooth metal surface. It felt warm; but not hot…vibrating with an energy filled hum...

             I then reached up with my left hand, and placed its implant against the diamond-shaped indentation; wondering if such a straight-forward approach would actually work. A second later, a computerized feminine voice suddenly spouted from hidden speakers somewhere within the structure; “Survivor Quotient Too Low! Level Thirty-Five Or Above Required To Unlock!”

              ‘Survivor quotient? …Level Thirty-Five? …Unlock?’ …I had no idea what it was talking about, but one thing was clear; ‘it seems I won’t be able to open it’, whatever it was...

             Cautiously jumping back through the rushing panels, I noticed another pillar of light up the coast; a ways out on the beach...this one green. It flashed violently amongst a flock of startled Dodos; which began to franticly disperse.

              Vigilantly, I rushed down the steep hill and ran along the beach towards the beam!

              Just as with the purple one, a large object of the same description slowly descended through its center; until it came to a stop, after sinking a few feet into the sand. The only difference; was that this one pulsed with green light, rather than purple.

59                                                                                                                                          59

              Slowly I circled…until I saw another, similarly designed indent and then…warily…I jumped between the spinning blades! Reaching up the metal surface, I again placed my implant against the indentation; after which a computerized feminine voice spurted; “Survivor Quotient Acceptable! Now Unlocking!”

               Startled, I stepped to the right as a door in the structure’s side suddenly fell open! As it fell…the eight flying panels simultaneously moved upwards, while they spun, and attached themselves to the top of the object; finally coming to rest.

               Gingerly, I stepped to look into the now open container; just as a few bundles of fiber, thatch, and already tanned hide abruptly rolled out from inside! Picking up the loosely tied packs, now even more confused than ever, I realized with growing curiosity what the large metal diamond was; ‘it was a supply drop!’

               Unexpectedly, the computerized feminine voice again uttered from somewhere inside the vessel; “Self-Destruct-Sequence Now Initiated! Please Step Back!” In a panic, I quickly grabbed as many of the packages as I could; then rushed off a short ways down the beach, to hide behind a large boulder!

               A moment after I’d ducked behind it; the diamond-shaped supply crate disintegrated into a pile of metal ash amongst a powerful, yet somehow tightly contained, explosion! The green pillar of light then vanished along with it, as I now stood there with an armful of already prepared and ready to use resources.

                Perplexed…my mind racing with the possibilities…I suddenly felt as though I may had found a way out of my little man-power dilemma… ‘If a single green supply drop had contained all this…then what if I were to find more of them?! What might the purple ones contain?! If a person were to find enough of these…close enough to them…then they’d be able to function at a fairly decent capacity, even if alone!’

               I knew that finding fast resources and other supplies wouldn’t solve all my problems however; ‘there’s still the issue of finding a safe place to build a shelter... With all these larger collectives laying claim to portions of the island…and with the relatively safer beaches apparently being highly contested areas of traffic…it might be difficult to find a place, where what I’d built wouldn’t be easily demolished the next morning…’

60                                                                                                                                          60

             Still…with a plan gradually forming in my mind…I carefully hid the materials I’d found amongst some thick vegetation; and enthusiastically ventured off to find more green pillars of light!

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