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  1. This is how I felt during an Extra Life event shortly after Ragnarok released on A.S.E. during 2017. I walked away from Ark multiplayer servers and haven't walked back.
  2. Is that a video of A.S.A.? It looks like A.S.E. to me. ๐Ÿ˜› Also, I'm not completely sure, but those metallic clinking sounds are somewhat common in video games during extreme lag. Video game sound gets lagged to and can glitch out and sound weird.
  3. If you are playing on Unofficial servers, this saving place would be called your single player save file. If you are playing on Official servers, then this saving place would be called the Obelisks. Except, I think you have to refresh the things in there every 24 hours or they go poof or something? I don't know, I've never used it as an off load storage space, I just know that others do.
  4. The rest of your comment makes it sound like you've had many years of experience with wc, but I don't want to make any assumptions. How long exactly have you known and followed this studio? I ask because I've been keeping an eye on what they do almost since the very beginning, and I've seen far bigger jokes from them than that. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  5. See now, this is the kind of really cool imaginative thinking that wc/sg never thinks of and will never implement. I'm sure a modder will get right on it though. It sounds like something a dedicated modder could do really cool things with. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Now, the original dinosaur power rangers was my favorite power rangers season. And I would absolutely LOVE to run around the Ark with the mecha dinozoid skins. That being said, it looks like Ark=Fortnite now. Fortnite=I'm done. I purchased Ark because I wanted to play a Dinosaur Survival Game. Not because I wanted a "Ready Player One" MMO silly nonsense social club. I was upset about the A.S.A. announcement a little over a year ago now. But truly, wc, the decision to change A.S.A. from a free upgrade to A.S.E. into its own separate pay for game was the BEST decision you've ever made. You stay the **** away from my A.S.E. I will be happy to remain there and enjoy the dinosaur survival game I paid for.
  7. My apologies for responding so late. I've been away from the internet for awhile. Unfortunately my good sir, you have once again misunderstood the real point of all this. The cost has almost absolutely nothing to do with it. I mean, $5 for a single creature is getting a bit on the ridiculous side when comparing costs for digital DLC extras from other games. Still, that's not really the point. Affordability is not an issue with me here. I spend about $500 on digital game licenses for my Steam Library annually in order to feed my collection. I'm up to about 500 games collected on my Steam Library now. (Yes, I know I have a problem.) ๐Ÿ˜› Heck, I just spent over $500 during my vacation trip last week on Dinosaur Fossils and Mineral Samples to add to my collection of those. Who here loves Dinosaurs right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Selling extra critters in DLC packs also isn't the real issue for me here. Yes, when video game companies do this it irritates me a bit as I feel that these things should have already been included in the main game and when they aren't then I can never feel like I truly have "The Game" until I have "Completed" it by buying all the DLCs. Just feels like a jerky way to get more money out of people, but I always counter this by simply waiting for good sale prices. I happily bought all the Dino DLC packs for Jurassic World Evolution after-all. No, the point here is not the money. The point here is that Ark Survival Ascended is NOT Jurassic World Evolution. What I mean by that is that Ark is not a mostly solo PVE game where if you don't have something then it won't matter and if you truly feel the game is worth it then you can just buy the extra DLCs whenever. No, Ark is a massively multiplayer competitive experience; even on PVE servers. This kind of DLC branching doesn't work for competitive multiplayer games. In this situation, if you don't have something then you can't just wait and get it later when you can. You have to have it now, or else you're at a massive disadvantage against everyone else who does. This does not mean that I am against video game companies making money. Nor am I entirely against microtransactions, in-game shops, or battle passes of some kind. If you were to read some of my earlier posts on these forums, then you would see that I am entirely for Ark having some form of limited Battle Pass similar to how Clash of Clans/Clash Royale does it. How they do it, there is a Free Track and then the option to purchase a Premium Track. In both cases to actually get the rewards the player has to work for them by completing tasks; not just pay out money. Allowing a Free Track means that if Free to play players work for it then they will not be as disadvantaged towards Premium players as they would be if there was no Free Track. It means that if the Premium players get lazy then there is a chance that their money won't even give them any advantage. And further, most of the time the advantage given is just exclusive limited edition cosmetics and emotes; along with a few extra resources and buffs. This allows the Premium players to feel superior, yet at the same time the advantage they get can be countered if the Free players work hard enough. For Ark, I think something along the lines of getting resources, building pieces, and maybe certain tames along the track would work out well for the game. Battle Pass buyers, over the free trackers, would perhaps gain a larger number of resources and building pieces; and perhaps slightly better tames either by level or by type. The ultimate reward at the end for Premium players would be some kind exclusive skin or emote like it is in COC. But if you're going to have DLC packs behind paywalls that give massive advantages to people in a competitive multiplayer platform without allowing free players any way to get around the advantages then you have a system that will not be a fair experience which ruins the competitive nature of the game and turns it into a Pay To Win system. For A.S.E. this wasn't so bad. Yes, there were paid story expansion DLCs that gave access to items and creatures that could be an advantage towards those who didn't have them. But, in many cases these advantages could be countered through trading with friends who had purchased the DLCs, through keeping players who had these advantages off your servers since the advantages were map specific, and through acquiring these advantages through the FREE DLC maps which also gave access to them. But in A.S.A., we are slowly going down a road where these paid advantages can not be countered by non-monetary means. Free DLC maps will not give access to them, as you still have to own the DLC to utilize them. Keeping players who have these advantages off your server will not work, because these advantages are not map specific in that if you have the map you have them or if you don't have the map you don't; nope, now you can have Scorched Earth but not have Trains, or now you can have The Center but not the Pyromane. Trading with friends who have purchased the DLCs also will not entirely be a solution due to how the coding for these DLCs works differently versus how they worked in A.S.E. For the Bob's Tall Tales DLC pack I ended up not seeing this as being a super big issue. The Scorched Earth one, at least, really ended up being more cosmetic than anything. Didn't truly give a super big advantage in any way; and I kinda assumed the same would be for the other Tall Tales additions. For this Pyromane though, it is clearly a MASSIVE advantage. In a game version where cryopods are nerfed to the point of being useless, and where the only other creature in the entire game that functions in a similar way is the Ferox which won't be obtainable until Genesis Part 1 and even then requires element to utilize, having a creature that you can basically throw out of its "Cryopod" at will becomes a massive advantage for running caves and other uses behind an extra $5 pay wall. That is called PAY TO WIN and that creates an unfair game system when in a competitive environment. This is the point. The blatant greed and the unfair advantage forcing their players to give them more money. Even still, if the game and the development company where truly wonderful and I deeply respected them I could look past this. But to make things worse, neither the game nor the development company have shown that they are worth this over the last year especially. During the Steam Spring sale, because Steam knows that I play Ark, I happened to see Ark Survival Ascended pop up on my store's front page. Looking at it, I noticed that it was on a considerable discount for the sale; and even better, I saw that because I owned A.S.E. they were giving me an extra discount. When I saw this, I thought in my mind; "Awe, they are actually giving players who already own A.S.E. an extra discount. That's really nice of them and definitely something they should do. But they didn't do it when A.S.A. launched." For a brief moment I thought to myself; "Hmm, $26.99 actually isn't too bad now; and they're even respecting my commitment this time by giving me an extra discount. Maybe I will buy it after-all." But then I remembered who the company was who owned A.S.A., and I remembered everything that they had done over the last year. Suddenly, the thought of buying A.S.A. for $26.99 made me feel sick, and I promptly refused to buy it. See, there was a time where I thought highly of the developers of Ark. There was a time, where I felt that I actually owed them money. That I owed them more than I had paid them for their game, because of all the many hours of wonderful fun that their game had given me. If you don't believe me, then take a look at the based upon true events story that I've been writing and posting on the forums here in the Creative Chat forum. I'm up to Chapter 14 now and have Chapters 15 and 16 written but not posted. During this time I purchased their new game "Atlas" without hesitation as soon as it was launched because I wanted to support the studio and their development of more content and because I felt I owed it to them to give them more money. (An action that turned out to be something of a mistake considering that only 1 year later I could have purchased the game for 1/5 the price I paid.) However, I no longer feel that way. Quite entirely the opposite. And I doubt I'll ever feel that way again. Especially if they insist upon going this cash-grab P2W route.
  8. And yet no-one is talking about the Pyromane? Everyone was all worried about P2W with the Scorched Earth Bob's Tall Tales Paid DLC. In the end, the trains and the Oasisaur ended up just being kinda meh. A little something extra. But not really enough of any kind of advantage that would really create a P2W scenario. Almost more just cosmetic than anything. But this Pyromane is clearly pure broken over-powered-ness. Unless it gets nerfed heavily it will very much create a large advantage to anyone who has paid for this paid DLC. (Except towards those who hide under the ocean as they will have absolutely nothing to fear from this creature that can't get wet.) But otherwise, having this thing is like having a pocket shadowmane that you can throw out of your "pokeball" at will without cryopod restrictions that can also set entire fields and forests on fire! And keep in mind that this is just the first of likely many paid DLCs that will add "fantasy" creatures which will likely have similar over-powered capabilities. This is like locking the wyverns behind an extra paid DLC pay wall. Or griffins, or managarmr, or snow owl, or Gacha, the list goes on. Imagine if any of these creatures were kept behind extra pay walls beyond the DLC story expansions? Imagine having 10 or 20 similar creatures behind extra pay walls? For the original story expansions I think it was like $15 a piece? I don't know, I got the first 3 in a bundle for $15 total so $5 a piece which gave a new map plus tons of new creatures. Now imagine having 10 or 20 similar creatures behind extra $5 pay walls a piece like this one is? Imagine purchasing Scorched Earth for $10 and then having to pay another $5 for the fire wyverns, another $5 for the lightning wyverns, another $5 for the poison wyverns, another $5 for the golems, another $5 for the phoenix? This Pyromane paid DLC actually does look like wc is moving into the P2W business model. At this point, perhaps they should just give Brettskii what he wants after-all; if they're going to be like this and go in this direction...
  9. This is very disappointing. ๐Ÿ˜ข You were doing so well there for a 4 time streak. For just a moment, it almost felt like things were going to get back to where they were before April 1st 2023. But I guess it never will. ๐Ÿ˜ข I do like the more personal style of this CC's writing, and I still very much like how there's actual opening up of information about stuff. But, the way in which this CC was written is also incredibly cringy. (Making a mean joke about an old map that is extremely beloved by a niche group of the Ark community?) (Making the effort to put in the statement that you still call Twitter Twitter as if that's something silly or odd?) I got news for you WC, the majority of the Earth's population still calls Twitter Twitter and will likely do so for at least the next couple decades. Many people agree that "X" is a silly name and that "Twitter" is not only way better but also makes way more sense as a name for a social messaging platform. Then on top of that you not only go back on your word again, but you blatantly lie to us about why instead of being straight with us and telling us the real reason behind your decisions. The Ark community has proven to you that we can handle bad news so long as you are honest with us about why it's happening. Every time a bad situation happens and you are honest as why, the community largely supports you and accepts it. Every time you blatantly lie to us, we get enraged and leave you. Why can't you understand this? And then it goes on even further. What, you think it's a good idea to add insult to injury by saying that you'll allow us to vote on how long we want to delay something that you didn't hit the deadline on? Who in the history of video games would ever ask for such a thing? If you can't hit your deadline, then just do like you've done before and move the goalpost further away; inevitably failing to hit that deadline as well and moving it yet again. What then, will we get to vote on which maps or premium mods we want to see finished next first? You want us to vote on when the next map should come out, and when it doesn't then how long until the next failed delayed date should be? You want us to do your calendar scheduling job now to? Can't code so you have us do it for you with mods? Can't plan work schedules, even ones you know are going to fail, so you want us to do that now to? Okay, who do I have to get in contact with to take over the CEO's job for them as well? I'll do it for free!
  10. Just like when they said that hanging rope bridges would be coming to A.S.E. after they first released the RedWoods biome? Hyping us up by saying we'd be able to make Star Wars Ewok villages? Here we are now in A.S.A., and where is that? Their excuse at the time: "Turns out It's too difficult to code such a thing." A modder at the time: "Oh really, well here just download my mod where I made it in like 2 seconds." And just like when they went against their promise to add a desert biome to The Island map and instead made it a separate PAID DLC called Scorched Earth? Their excuse at the time: "Realistically we can't make a map that's larger than The Island and have it work properly. We decided that there wasn't enough room on The Island to incorporate a desert biome, so we made it a separate map." A modder at the time: "Oh really, well here just download my mod map called Ragnarรถk which not only has the promised desert biome included with all the others, but is also as a whole 4x the size of The Island map and it works plenty well enough." Based on previous history I think we can see where this is going. WC: "Oh, sorry, but we found out that it's too difficult to code and properly integrate such a feature into our game." A modder after hearing this response: "Oh really, well here just download the mod I made in 2 seconds which does the job you promised to do yourselves."
  11. I am very happy to see how this CC was handled. This is what you should always do WC. That's 4 CC's in a row now! ๐Ÿ™‚ I very much understand the decision behind the saddle and wondered if this would be an issue. However, the final design is a little disappointing. The point of having a saddle is so that you and everything you build on the saddle feels like you are part of the creature. The way this saddle is designed, it makes it feel like you and the creature are two separate entities that just happen to be tethered together. It looks like you could have the option of pressing a button in the sub which detaches the sub from the creature and then you and the creature can swim off independently. If you did add this feature, then the design would make sense and I think also be really cool. In emergencies, you could separate and divide the attention of whatever is attacking you as you escape. Also, in this sense, the benefit of attaching the sub to the creature versus having it separate would be that if the sub was detached then you would have to use either element or more likely gasoline to power the sub; whereas having it attached to the creature you would just be using its food to power your propulsion. you could still get around the whole "out of water" thing if you were able to detach the sub by simply making it so that you can't raise the sub above the water line; just like how you can't sink a raft below it. If this feature isn't added though, then the design of the sub saddle is extremely odd looking and disappointing. You could have had the cabin under the creature's belly, but design the sub so that it hugs the belly more rather than weirdly hanging off it. P.S. I am also very disappointed to see that the typo in your Copy/Paste mod section that I saw fixed last time is once again broken this time. ๐Ÿ˜ข If you have to copy/paste, could you not have copy/pasted from the previous CC where you fixed the typo?
  12. Personally I'm waiting until at least Extinction, if not both Genesis maps, before truly considering purchasing A.S.A. If I'm going to be tricked into buying a shameless reskin, then at the very least I want to be certain that I'll be receiving the full amount of content.
  13. You don't? ๐Ÿ˜ต I see modding communities everywhere in the digital video game space these days. ๐Ÿค” With video games leaving the hard copy disk format and becoming almost exclusively digital the ability for gamers to mod online hosted games has become the norm. ๐Ÿคจ
  14. Actually, my post was more as a joke to follow up the first comment of "Meh" with a second comment of "Meh Meh". I'm very happy to see that the joke was able to run a third comment from someone as "Meh Meh Meh". Still though, only 2 of the mods listed are ones that I think are somewhat good. The rest are all just kinda "Meh". With all the really good mods out there it is a little disappointing that these are the ones showcased for this special console premium mod launch.
  15. Ark in many ways, especially in multiplayer, is an open sand box experience. So, essentially, you can play whatever role you want! I know back when I played official servers, there were plenty of villains in my Ark story. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  16. Yeah, in the very very beginning. What I meant by the level 100 is that from my start playing the game they always added more levels before I managed to max out until eventually it was level 100; which I did finally achieve and which for a time I thought was going to be max cause "100" is usually a good round max number in video games. From the start I had figured it would be their ultimate ending point so it was my ultimate goal. ๐Ÿ˜› Then shortly after I reached level 100 they bumped the max up to 105; at which point I was already so exhausted that I just kinda gave up. ๐Ÿ˜‘ I wanna say 30 or 40? But I don't know for sure. Max was apparently already level 91 when I first started.
  17. I do agree with this to a point. Micro-transaction in-game shops have done a lot to help keep other games I play alive where otherwise they may have died due to not enough revenue going to the company for them to keep the servers going. The main one for me is SuperCell where they've kept their games and communities and servers alive with season game passes and other in-game shop stuff. I think, if done right, and if done by a competent company who actually cares about their game and players, then implementing this sort of thing can definitely be a big plus for the game to keep it alive and reduce cheaters/black market systems. For example: One way that WC could maybe implement a season game pass in Ark is how SuperCell has done it in COC. (A way that I feel has kept it still somewhat fair and not entirely P2W). Their game pass has a "Free" route where you gain goodies by completing daily tasks. Then, for an optional and low fee, you can buy the premium route which gives you all the goodies from the free route plus more; but you still have to complete daily tasks to get both the free and paid goodies. Paid people can get essentially twice as much from the season route, but they still have to put in some effort to receive it and if a free person truly begins to feel that it is unfair well then the monthly season pass price really isn't very much so most would be able to afford it. For Ark, WC could do something like rewarding various amounts of resources along the route of the monthly season game pass as you complete tasks such as hunting dinos, harvesting resources, building structures, exploring amounts of map area, and on PVP servers by defeating certain amounts of players. Maybe on the paid route the player could also be rewarded building pieces, ammo and weapons, and limited edition cosmetics. Basically, players would have another and perhaps more reliable way to obtain "Loot Drops" other than hunting down actual respawning loot drops. I would completely be on board with something like this as the tasks based game pass system that offers rewards for free players has kept COC very much alive and fun to play. I think something like this would add daily incentive for Ark players to log on and play and keep the game alive and fun to play in the same manner. HOWEVER! The big difference here is "A competent company who cares about their game and its players". Unfortunately, WC and SG is not; which means that the money would most likely not be going to any good or helpful purpose and also they probably would end up implementing this system poorly in such a way that ruins the game rather than enhances it.
  18. I'm a witness of this so you can take my word for it to. I first started playing ASE in the very beginning when base XP gain was approximately 1/4 what it is now. Back then it was a real grind and strain to get to level 100 which was for a time the max level and my ultimate goal. Even so, to me it felt that there was reasonable ways to get there and once I finally did on my original official server I felt so accomplished. Then they started adding levels above 100. I felt so exhausted with this. But, then they also increased base XP gain; so I thought maybe it's okay. But, then it turns out that the amount of XP needed increases so exponentially past 100 that it becomes impossible after 120 or 130 or so. I've already done the slow grind and I don't feel like I need to experience it again. To me, simply gaining access to resources and higher tier dinos and building up bases is enough of a slow pace experience that I don't need player stats or access to crafting items to be locked behind an XP wall. So on single player I just cheat in to max level and then go punch trees from there. That sounds really cool and interesting! They should have this on official PVP servers to!
  19. Wow! That's 3 CCs from WC in a row now that actually had some pretty good information; actually didn't have any depressing or terrible information; actually looked like it was written by a real human person; and I see that in this CC specifically they even finally fixed the typo in their Copy/Paste section that I made a joke about roughly 8 months ago, which means that they actually took the time to look this CC over before posting it! 3 CCs ago when I saw that picture of the jumping spider as the post header I thought to myself; "Sigh, here we go again. Another CC just talking about more mods that other people have created and not saying anything about the actual game." But then I opened up the post and to my great surprise this assumption and typical routine turned out to not be the case! Is the year of **** finally over? Please say that it is!
  20. You can post things like that in the Creative Chat forum on this site. ๐Ÿ™‚ On PVP you definitely had to be careful about that if you weren't the Alpha; unless you wanted to get your stuff blown up. On my original server people were pretty good about it. Even with all the turrets trained on you people still left ways to get around their areas and built bridges over rivers raised high enough that rafts could still travel underneath. I remember when I started taming behemoth sized dinos and decided I needed bigger walls and more room to keep them safe. I lived in a tight area and had to build out into the ocean as well as up against the cliff wall nearby which completely blocked travel along the beach for my neighbors who had "allowed" me to build there. I decided that before I completely blocked their pathway, I should build a large stone ramp from the beach below up to the top of the cliff so that they would have a way to travel around my base. In the middle of constructing that ramp, one of the guys from the tribe who let me build there came by and said; "Hey there. I see you're doing a lot of large scale construction lately. What happened to that thing you said about not needing much space for your house?" I responded by saying; "I didn't realize how much space rexes and brontos took up. I need to build out just a little more, but I'm going to put up a large wall to protect and finalize the area of my base. Then I won't make it any bigger than that. But first I thought I should build this ramp so that people can get around my base since I'll need to build right up to the cliff wall." He looked at me sternly and said; "I see. Well, that's very thoughtful of you. I'll see ya later. You be careful now." As he stomped away on his Giga I had a little chill as I thought; "I'm glad I decided to build the ramp first. What would have happened if I hadn't? Also, looks like I'm going to have to make it wider and reinforce it more than I thought. I forgot about how big Gigas were." Even though I was pretty good "friends" with my neighbors, at that moment I felt like I was just a second away from getting bulldozed. ๐Ÿ˜›
  21. I agree. The Island didn't get its own unique voted creature because the Rhynio was added to A.S.E. before they decided to make A.S.A. something separate and then they didn't do a new creature vote for The Island. The Gigaraptor could be The Island's A.S.A. voted creature and we could do a new vote for Rag.
  22. Thank you very much for your post. Reading it gave me all kinds of nostalgic warm fuzzies. โ˜บ๏ธ You sound very much just like me, but from the other side of the PVP/PVE divide. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes; that happened on PVP servers to. On my original server the people playing gradually developed a sense of community. It wasn't all about killing or fighting each-other or destruction. We knew that for the server to survive and thrive there had to be some form of balance; so various peoples naturally developed into a kind of society. If you'd like to read a little bit about all that from a PVP perspective then you're welcome to read what journal entries I've posted on here. I've got chapters 1-14 at the moment. You sound like you'd have some really interesting stories from the game as well. If you've posted any anywhere then I'm sure I'd enjoy reading them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes; I remember people talking about that as well. They'd say they came over to PVP from PVE cause on PVE it was difficult to retaliate against others doing these things. If they were going to get attacked they said, then at least they wanted to be able to attack back. That's why the worst problem was and is that PVE on Ark isn't true PVE. The good PVE servers managed this well. Just like how the good PVP servers managed their bloodshed well. But, that's why I'd say that a true PVE server should have no-build zones built into the map to keep these things from happening. That way the players wouldn't have to worry about pillaring areas and doing it themselves. High density resource areas and creature spawn areas should have no-build zones on them from the start. Perhaps at least some if not most rivers should have no-build zones across the water so people can't wall off areas. And for PVE especially there needs to be build radius limits to keep people from making bases so big that they break the server. I didn't mean to say that there wasn't any. Just that there was more of it and that it was more intense on PVP. There was a lot more danger and risk to every little thing that you did so if you wanted to survive then you had to be very careful. For example: There was one time on my original server where a lesser tribe got wiped by the Alpha due to a dispute over a Pteranodon. Can you believe that? And the lesser tribe wasn't super small either. It was a good-sized middle-range tribe. The dispute was that the leader of this lesser tribe had tranqed down and was preparing to tame a max level 120 Pteranodon. A member from the Alpha tribe came by after the bird had been knocked out and a protective wall placed around it, and he said to the leader of the lesser tribe that he had been tracking this Pteranodon for awhile and had just returned with equipment to tame it himself. He then asked the leader of the lesser tribe to go away and let it wake up so that he could knock it out and tame it instead. Well, the leader of the lesser tribe got angry at this and refused to let this member from the Alpha tribe have the Pteranodon. An argument broke out, which escalated to violence with shots fired and things getting killed. Next thing you know the entire lesser tribe is wiped into oblivion because of the selfish and reckless actions of a single individual from it. Yep. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even once I had reached the end game content and had been made part of the Alpha tribe on that server, I constantly found myself going off away from their big established fully stocked city forts and building myself little shacks of my own. Having everything handed to me once I was in the Alpha tribe got boring quick. To keep things fun I had to go make my own little separate forts. That's one of the major things that I am upset with them and one of the major reasons why I have not and may not buy A.S.A. They promised a new and fixed experience, where I only see a shameless reskin.
  23. I guess that my perspective is that I did make it to end game, starting from absolute zero, during a time period of the game where these types of things were even worse than they are now. So, I guess that I am not able to see the problem. Maybe I am not understanding something correctly? The original person I responded to said that PVP may as well be PVE now and then that caves should be unbuildable. I don't play A.S.A. and haven't played official A.S.E. in a very long time. What did they mean by that?
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