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Caldwellia philyrina --> a giant house!!



Introducing the Caldwellia philyrina, a giant snail of epic proportions  that will revolutionize the way you play Ark Survival Evolved. This colossal creature boasts an enormous shell that serves as both a mobile home and armored transport for players, offering unparalleled protection and mobility. Imagine having a nearly unstoppable fortress, with the ability to move around the map with ease!
Once tamed, players can craft a mount that offers a trapdoor access into the shell, creating a fully enclosed and impenetrable armoured transport. The shell is made of a super-hardened material that is 10 times stronger than metal, making it an excellent defence against even the mightiest of Giga attacks and bleeding damage. But outside of the shell she is very vulnerable, so she can cover inside the shell. Sche is very heavy and this does not cause recoil.
The large size of the Caldwellia philyrina also allows for players to craft a 2x2 foundation set inside, turning it into a veritable fortress. Imagine having a fully equipped base with crafting tables, storage chests, and even a bed for respawning, all inside the safety and comfort of the Bourou's shell (if game engine permits). Otherwise, its inventory system acts as a crafting platform and bed, allowing players to respawn back into it. It's the ultimate survival tool, with all the amenities of home at your fingertips.
But the Caldwellia philyrina isn't just a "fortress on wheels", it's also a foraging powerhouse. It can forage berries ,hatch, fiber, wood, seeds, black and white perls efficiently, and over time its inventory also increases with polymer, fertelizer, cement and random types of mushrooms. With the Helix Pomatia by your side, you'll never have to worry about running low on resources again. It's like having a portable loot room, and you'll be able to gather resources more efficiently greater safety than ever before.
One of the Caldwellia philyrina special traits is its ability to climb nearly any surface, including vertically scaling mountains or cliffs. Its large shell also allows it to trap lots of air, providing the player with a week-long duration of underwater seabed crawling, adding a new style of exploration for players. Imagine being able to explore the depths of the sea without the need for a diving suit, or traversing treacherous mountain ranges with ease. The Helix Pomatia opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and you'll be able to discover hidden locations and secrets that were previously unreachable for many players.
 But she is very slow!!!!
However, her attacks are very weak, so she is not a fighting creature in that sens. But she has a big cannon on her saddle, that's her main weapon for the damage deal. However, they need ammunation that they have to carry with them.The slime she drags behinde her slows down every enemies and after a long time where they walk on there they become stuck.
But the most important thing about Aberrations  is of course the glow, her feelerscan glow in different beautyfull colors.This makes it perfect to tame a Reaper, as it emits light throgh the feelers and with the cannon on the shell, it does enough damage on the Reaper.
You tame them by feeding them mushroom soup!
Schnecke mit blau irisierendem Glas - Berliner Lampenladen
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