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Best way to level up as a Noob.


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I started playing Ark mobile last week. I am currently struggling to level myself up. And I also would like to know any tips, hints and guidance.

I am new to the mobile game and I don't know much about what type of steps I need to take. I already tamed a level one trike and a PT. I wanted to try one of the features in animal behavior called wandering. I turned it on for PT and now I can't find her.

I am also having issues to spoil meat faster for narcotics. And I feel stuck and can't go around much in fear of loosing my creature.

How can I find a way to get enough points for forge, smithy, and metal pick and hatchet. I already lost points for unlocking fishing pole that I don't even know how to use. I don't even know how to get fish baits.

Thank you everyone for the experience and wishing to see your thoughts soon. 

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First let me apologize for this massive wall of a info dump. You asked a lot of questions that are hard to easily answer. Sadly the loss of pets is almost unavoidable except for single player 



To start, completing the pursuits will give you some quick levels and good blueprints once you’ve done all of them you are comfortable with you can hunt fish. Fish are easy to kill using almost any weapon and give good experience points. Fish meat also spoils so you can get the spoiled meat for narcotics. To speed up spoiling you can make several storage boxes and divide your meat between them. 



The animal behavior wandering basically tells your pet to walk around as if it was wild. It is useful for auto gathering creatures you can look at this list 




Your PT is probably flying around randomly to get it back minus it’s inventory you can request it I recommend turning it off till you have a walled base


For fishing bait you can find more info here 



Last but not least. Welcome to ark :Jerbhi:


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