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  1. From your images I don’t see anything that should give the exceeds foundation support message. Just to test I made this raft in solo
  2. Floating structures were redone in a older update and that could be effecting it. To lower my raft i always place a fence foundation snap a pillar to it then a regular foundation
  3. Your old tribe settings were probably tribe owned for tames. Oddly rafts are considered tames, so Ark kept all of it with your old tribe. You and your old tribe mates would both need to send a joined report.
  4. You can try the mobile bug report page. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenwjz5ZFWBNpLngQmLoVYg7XsCO096MOE_7D-Z3NcRRxkpEg/viewform?usp=send_form
  5. Tweaking the lighting can reduce the sharpness, and nodes or modifiers can help the saturation in blender.
  6. A properly rigged mesh will make posing easier. Thanks for showing your artwork
  7. Blender is fun to use. As for your finger are you using a rig or just readjusting the mesh
  8. I recommend sending a report and emailing your video with it at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenwjz5ZFWBNpLngQmLoVYg7XsCO096MOE_7D-Z3NcRRxkpEg/viewform
  9. Thanks for the update
  10. This is how I set mine up so rain can hit the ones underneath.
  11. They definitely have options for monetization even if they offered the game free and just get a percentage of all the crypto trades like pancakeswap does. Developers frowning on play to earn are mostly addressed in this video Also of significance is Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and China have restrictions on cryptocurrency. Which is why I think they are targeting the United States
  12. The Cinematic Trailer looks really different with this new information
  13. My first Ark experience was logging on to official to see a miraculous brontosaurus platform base before my mobile device immediately crashed
  14. I think a complete free to play model is really important to Ark mobile 1 and 2. “Interviews are being done for a new mobile developer for ARK 1 & 2 on mobile platforms”
  15. If you have not already you can adjust those settings. But in general it is because the app is designed to play on older phones
  16. I am glad to see the developers thinking about Ark mobile 1 and 2. Hopefully they keep the current free to play model for Ark 2
  17. With switches big update it is hard to tell. So I’ll just do a info dump. The official server I play is at tame cap and that is regular to mobile. Mobile does have several unique features like Dungeons and premium items or payed items like the Eerie Turret. Rafts are far safer as Leeds don’t attack them. I’m on mobile if you would like some starting gear. For visuals:
  18. You can make a report ticket https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/
  19. What about when someone puts a small starter base at a spawn point with starting gear war chests for new players
  20. that looks like a Lvl 221. But I’m told it’s a ! Mark. Can you provide any additional information. A regular raptor does not damage stone but a alpha does
  21. Storing ai in crypto to make smarter enemies has my interest. However I probably deserve a spot at the end of the page. The metaverse tribe has one member as of now and I can not add a topic to it.
  22. I wonder if that has any connection to this
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