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Cryopods in Ark Survival Ascended



As most people are aware, Ark Ascended will only be releasing with Scorched Earth and The Island. This drives a major concern to me as Cryopods were released with Extinction. Is there any knowledge on if Cryopods will be available off the get go? I know that myself and a number of many people I’ve played with and against over the years and my many hours of Ark Survival Evolved will not be purchasing or playing Ark Ascended if there’s no Cryopods available right off launch. I just wanted to make the suggestion that if they are not intended to be available with the launch, please make them available. Running dinos across the map is just a boring and tedious process that nobody likes. It also inhibits people from building cool underwater bases as well as they can’t get their dinos underwater easily. 

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