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Thanatosdrakon - The Death Dragon



Hello everybody

I hope I'm not late to the party but here's my first creature submission




Common Name: Thanatosdrakon

Species: Thanatosdrakon amaru

Time: Upper Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive


Wild: For a long time i thought quetzalcoatlus was the largest pterosaur, until i meet this "monster", thanatosdrakon amaru also known as "Death Dragon" wich is a very fitting name, is a large pterosaur, similar in apparence to the quetz but far more bigger, agressive and "brave", this creature is able to hunt everything in his way but not only limiting to other flying creatures, Thanatosdrakon is very capable of hunting even land creatures with relative ease, i theorized that the only real threat for this apex predator are the wyverns, but that theory went down really fast after seeing a Thanatosdrakon eating the corpse of a fire wyvern.

It appears that thanatosdrakon has evolved to become the definitive apex predator from the skies and to show how unfair evolution can be, these creature can mimic the elemental powers, after one one of those creatures dive right into the wyvern cave, he emerged back irradiating an intense green color and an strange cloud was surrounding his body, it's clear that he just eat a poison wyvern egg, with all these adaptations i theorize that the thanatosdrakon serves as some kind of population control for the wyverns.


Domesticated: Taming one of these beasts sounds like an impossible task and after hearing how a tribe tamed one i'm 100% sure that who wants to tame one has 0% appreciation for his life, however they are a force to be reckoned with, they are extremely good battle beasts, unlike the wyverns who rely on his elemental attacks this creature doesn't need that to be considered a deadly threat, but if you want extra power you can give this beast with wyvern eggs and he will "absorb" the strength of it, making the thanatosdrakon a very versatile creature.



To tame a thanatosdrakon you need a bunch of wyvern eggs (any elemen works) a bunch of parachutes, one good shield and a lot of confidence in yourself, first you need attract him to land and then throw a wyvern egg in front of him, he will get all his attention to the egg and he will proceed to eat, while he's eating you have to run to him and press E and you will have to do a rodeo minigame in the sky similar to andrewsarchus, he will kick you off but you have to use your parachute, while you are falling he will still try to eat you use your shield or have a friend to pick you with a fast flying mount, after a few tries it will be ready to ride.



Peck: Normal attack that allow the thanatosdrakon to farm meat and do damage (Right Mouse Click).

Wing Beat and Barrel Roll: If you are in land this attack is a wing beat that push and stun dinos away from you but if you do it while flying this attack is a barrel roll that stuns only flying creatures sending them to land (Left Mouse Click).

Grab: Thanatosdrakon is capable of carrying the same type of creatures that a quetz can (CTRL + Left Mouse Click).

Mimic: The main ability thanatosdrakon has is being able to mimic up to 2 elemental powers from the wyvern's (fire, electric, poison and ice) to activate this ability you need to feed him an egg and he will gain the ability of that specific egg, obviously he will not get only a fire breath or lighting breath like the wyverns, he will get his own different attacks.

    Fire egg: He gains the ability to clap his wings to create a fire explosion similar to the phoenix.

    Lightning egg: He gains the ability to do a barrel roll in a straight line doing damage to anything close and obviously to what it direct hits.

    Poison egg: He gains the ability to create a cloud surrounding him that deals dps for a period of time.

    Ice egg: He gains a temporary ice armor that decrease damage taken by 30% and reduce his speed by 15% (does not work on any fire related attacks).

*To use any of these attacks you need to press C and if you want to switch between elements you only need to click CTRL + C*

Skylord: Thanatosdrakon has a passive ability called "skylord" which increase the damage to any flying creature in a 20%

Diving Swipe: It also has the ability to dive however it does not have a final explosion when he hits land and it does not increase the speed if you look up like the griffin or snow owl, however you can still do extra damage if you hit while diving.

Royal Eater: Being the king of the skies requires the best kind of food, so thanatosdrakon is a good prime meat farmer.

Roar: Just a cosmetic roar to look badass while flying (CTRL).

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