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deathworm detector Giant Fennec Fox (Velpes zurda) - The Deathworm-Item Giving Utility Mount



Hello Survivor! This concept is about the Fennec Fox in a scaled up version. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fennec_fox


Behavior: The Giant Fennec Fox is aggressive no matter the time of day. In the morning and afternoon this creature spends its time in its sand burrow, but fear not as they are not like purlovias! However, they will still pop out of the ground to attack you, but they will only slow your creature, instead of dismounting and stunning you. I wanted to include this feature because I like the jump scare of getting grabbed by a purlovia. At night the Fennec will awake and trot around, if a deathworm is in radius it will go and attack the deathworm. If you initiate taming and it becomes morning, it will not restart the taming process, it will just ignore the fact that it's morning.



LMB: Simple Bite; deals 25% more damage to creatures that drop chitin, organic polymer, and spoiled meat

RMB: Battle Cry; The Fennec yips a high pitch battle cry, which buffs its damage by 10%, and other tames ( not just other foxes) by 5%. Duration of 30 seconds, cooldown for 5 minutes.

C Attack: The Fennec puts its ear to the ground and listens for deathworms. (The range for this ability is intended to be the same size as the Direwolf sniff.)

X Attack:  The Fennec sheds the deathworm horns it has been collecting, every 4 horns gives an item, and every horn gives a 2% chance for a good roll in the items. A good roll being; metal ingot, scrap metal ingot, polymer, oil, crystal, cementing paste, and it has a teeny chance to roll element, (at max horns it would only have a 0.05% of giving element.) 

Passive Ability: When a deathworm is killed by your Fennec a horn is given in your inventory, as well as adding on to its fur. Each horn that you collect gives you 0.25% defense, the limit of horns being 40. Therefore with some simple math, (0.25x40) you get a max of 10% defense. 



Wild: The Velpes zurda looks a lot like the one on Earth, only bigger. It fits its part in the desert ecosystem, with it being the only creature to squabble with deathworms. When it brings deathworms down, it makes sure to collect the horn and snag it on its fur. Maybe this is for natural defense, or attracting a mate, I can't be certain. The Gian Fennec Fox also seems to be nocturnal, burrowing themselves in sand to protect itself from the blistering heat.


Domesticated: Once you tame this giant fuzzy creature, it doesn't seem to be bothered by day or night. The bear a grudge against scorpions, mantis, and vultures. The Velpes zurda does seem to have a damage boosting yip, along with the ability to find deathworms with its ears.



1. Get chitin, organic polymer, or spoiled meat. 

2. Drop one of these items on the ground.

3. Depending on the level it will will determine how many items it needs. Levels 1-50 Fennecs require 1 of the 3 items, 51-100 needing 2 of the 3 items, and 101-150 needing all 3 items.

4. It will allow you to mount it after the feeding and then you got 20 minutes to find and kill 1 of each creature listed; a scorpion, a vulture, a mantis, and a deathworm, note that any order is fine.

5. Taming effectiveness depends on your time taken to find and kill the creatures. The effectiveness will drop once 5 minutes are left, the lowest taming effectiveness you can get is 25%.

6. Once you have found and taken out all required creatures, you got yourself a Giant Fennec Fox

Note: Again I say this but; If you initiate taming and it becomes morning, it will not restart the taming process, it will just ignore the fact that it's morning.


I will take any suggestions in the comments, and will be happy to answer some questions!

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