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Thalassodromeus - Angry Cousin of the Tapajara



Mark P. Witton's Blog: The appearance and lifestyle of Thalassodromeus  sethi, supercrested pterosaur

Head note: I haven't looked around to see if anyone else has proposed this before for other maps, but this is my take on the Thalassodromeus. 

      Genus: Thalassodromeus sethi
      Common Name: Thalassodromeus

Researched Background
       Thalassodromeus is a genus of pterosaur that lived in what is now Brazil during the Early Cretaceous period, about a hundred million years ago. Thalassodromeus had one of the largest known skulls among pterosaurs, around 1.42 m (4 ft 8 in) long, with one of the proportionally largest cranial crests of any vertebrate. Though only the skull is known, the animal is estimated to have had a wingspan of 4.2 to 4.5 m (14 to 15 ft).

The Thalassodromeus was thought to be a Skimmer Bird - skimming over water's surface and catching fish but also small prey on the coast lands, they later developed to fly in-land in search of opportunistic encounters. This is ideal for transversing the large map of Ragnarok.

Wild Behavior

      Temperament: Aggressive
      Diet: Carnivore (but tames off Fish)

       Then Thalassodromeus can be seen circling around riverland areas, looking for it's next meal and rarely landing for a break. Unlike the skittish Tapajara and the docile Pteranodon, the intelligent Thalassodromeus sees human survivors as ideal prey but only if it can wear them down. For larger adversaries, the Thalassodromeus utilises lightning fast hit and run tactics to chip away at it's prey until it can feed. When endangered or close to death, the Thalassodromeus will fly away similarly to the Tapajara. While not suited for in-air combat or carrying a lot of items, the Thalassodromeus is a great hunter of the lands and waters below.

Domesticated Abilities

       Gliding & Long Distance Flight - Thalassodromeus rarely flaps its wings in the air which is ideal for long distance flights, and will steadily use it's wide wingspan to maintain itself in the air. While it is unable to manuever as smoothly as a Tapajara, the Thalassodromeus is faster has 2 flight modes to switch between Gliding and Hovering. 

       Able to fly and skate across water - When the Thalassodromeus flies onto water, it is able to skate across the water at a speed slightly faster than a Bloodstalker. It may grab creatures on the surface of the water which are smaller than a survivor, including fish to heal itself (potentially similarly to an Argentavis?). The rider won't be dismounted when it interacts with water.

      Grabbing - Can pick up creatures in it's beak up to the size of a survivor and can crunch down on them with it's powerful blade-like, robust jaws.

     Primary Attack - Bite

     Secondary Attack Head bash attack which inflicts a stun. (15s cooldown)

     Increased spoiler times for perishables 

Taming Method
       The survivor must submerge themselves in water near a Thalassodromeus which will start the taming process. It will then repeatedly swoop down on onto the water directly above and this will give the survivor a moment to feed them Raw Prime Fish Meat / Superior Kibble. If the survivor isn't completely submerged under water, the Thalassodromeus will attack instead. Be sure to hold your breath well, and keep an eye out for piranhas and other dangers!


Thank you for reading my suggestion.

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