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Nothosaurus - The Sea Lizard

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On 6/4/2023 at 5:51 AM, Tweeezs said:

(From @Jimmy_Yeet23#9668 in Ark Submissions Community)
Basically Nothosaurus is the top packhunting predator of the water being rideable and great for traversing in both water and land our first ideas was for it to have the ability spit out boiling water balls that on land can create mist and blind creatures. in its boiling sack you can make dyes and the new item bioluminescent dye! by putting in bio liquid/slime to make your own disco Dino’s. Nothosaurus also has a spiky big tail that can collect static electricity to stun creatures with. it would be both useful on land and in the water having a fish harvesting bonus


Design done by @Riskybiscuits#0485

and the boiler idea As for the taming method you need to kill its pack sneak up give it pearls for it to do a pearl check and if he want to play with it. when busy playing you need to feed it Tuso tentacles! But beware if it’s doesn’t like the pearl you give it and drop it don’t go up to it anyway it will get scared and taming effectiveness will be dropped. Just wait and look if he likes your play offer

Abilities: Notho has a fish buff with extra damage and harvesting against every fish in the sea To use Notho efficiently you need to warm it up in the sun by just placing it somewhere where the sun shines when fully warmed up Notho will show its beautiful glowing patterns and it will go from a dull gray dude to a bioluminescent colored up dude ( you’ll need to recharge it after every day ) Nothosaurus can pierce through armor with its boiling spit ignoring any creatures with armor and players with armor

Don’t let Notho go in the cold environments like snow biomes as it too can get cold and turn back in its dull grey version with low stamina and the cold itself can actually start damaging it! The tail needs to be charged up by brushing it against rock before use The bioluminescent regions on nothosaurus can be mutated as well ! Underwater it’s boiling bolts still work as the liquid is thicker than water it also glows cus of the bioluminescent slime in the spit! Notho also goes into its bioluminescent form when underwater and it has killed enough fish

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 4.48.49 AM.png

esta good

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On 6/7/2023 at 8:49 AM, Jimmyyeet05 said:

Well it isn’t all about the looks 

I was not wrong though. The original image is actually much better. The amphibious look. While I think that Ragnarok should have a creature that is either bird or mammal instead...if any of the creatures would win that are not themed to a viking setting...this creature is probably the best choice.

I do find it odd that people are suggesting stuff that is not fitting of the theme the map was originally meant for. 

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