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The idia of this creature is unique.With some new mequaniques and resources. A small dino with the power of Rex ! And anew ability.



Summary : 

Abilities : -He is deaf /He is an attack dino/He can't be buffed or dibuffed/He can disable dinos effects(the resistance-bleed-fire-poison-yuty roar.....)/ He has a resistance on( fire/magma/poison/torpor/lightning.....)/It can sleep and play/it can harvest bone from dead dinos/It damages all creature the same ( the same damage that he do to a golem=the damage on dodo=damade on reaper=damage on stego= to the damage on any dino).

Taming : -You need to find a female epicyon (that is bigger and have more fur than th male) helpet to find a mate wile protecting her from dinos . After mating it will give you a baby that youneed to feed it cactus and wyvren milk 

the bone item: with it you can make powder bone (it helps to make fertilizer quickly)/ bone knife /bone armor /bone hummer/ a bone support (you place it on the wall to increase it resistance)

Epicyon, the king of canids : r/NaturewasmetalEpicyon haydeni, illustration - Stock Image - C040/3151 - Science Photo Library

In wild :

This magnificent creature is very wise . It dont attack any other dino .Always, you can find the Epicyon alone and you can recognize the females as they bigger .this creatre spent it time sliping or playing near water. 

how to tame them : 

You need to find a female epicyon that is ready to mate ( it do some specific moves) you feed it cactus then you start a game in wich she will try to find a mate wile you are protecting her from dinos that will try to kill it. When you succeed it will give you a baby epicyon

that you will imprent it with cactus and wyvren milk 

Epicyon- It Disable All Effects !!! - Creature Submissions - ARK - Official Community Forums


This dino is very strong as strong as an Rex .With his immense teeth this dino can crash the rocks and bones , that you can harvest from dead dinos . but unlikly he is deaf so he can't hear your orders .This beast can bracke the resistance of any dino in the all of ark. 

This dog like dino has a thick fur so he can not be bleeded ; poisoned or even burnt .He dont have torpor and have a massive stamina and strong bite that causes broken bone 

Bone-crushing' dog discovered at Tennessee's Gray Fossil Site


Unlikely, because of his deafness he can not be buffed or debuffed and it has some poor weight and an average HP .


Epicyon- It Disable All Effects !!! - Creature Submissions - ARK - Official Community Forums

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