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Archegosaurus also known by it's lesser known synonymous term Menonomenos is a relatively large temnospondyl that makes its home in the Jungles lakes and swamps of Ragnarok 


There is an extremely rare cave variant that sports a more luminous muted alpine newt inspired pattern 


Normal Variant sports a smooth newt 

inspired palette 


-Sexual dimorphism I may include, females will generally have smaller tassels and will be of darker hue than males


-13 meters in length a few meters less than ark's ingame sarcosuchus 





Menonomenos will spawn solitary but you might see the occasional pairs of two. 


On occasion they go out of water more or so at night time they're up and moving about but during the day they spend most of their time on the benthic part of lakes snagging the abundant amount of aquatic fauna


Leech and Menonomenos have a special symbiosis in which leech get food and comfort inside of Meno's Jaws and the Menonomenos gets a certain chemical as a waste product of them granting it an easier time digesting food.



 A female Meno lays eggs hidden on aquatic plants and rocks, the eggs being sensitive to touch; you'll have to gain the respect of the mother to acquire one. 


Transport the Meno to a safer location via whistle within a given timeframe


 Don't worry about larger predators when near a mother meno you'll go undetected as Meno eggs are off the menu for most large predators.


Smaller more determined predators will be attracted to the sight of eggs however (Kapros and below)



Menonomenos make for a fantastic support 

mount to allies being able to swiftly maneuver around the battlefield and assist those in need 


(As a pvp player specifically I think it would be refreshing to take a break from the countless amounts of dps tames and soakers and make a mount that can support, it can get pretty stressful at times)


Menonos have a "Soak meter" they need a good supply of water to function 80% or more soaked will give Meno a hydrated boost increasing speed and causing them to be a Lil more slippery to catch



*(Space bar)*-Mucus secretion/belly slide,

pressing space bar once will have Menonomenos secrete a sticky liquid like mucus around it


*(Holding Spacebar)* your Meno can go into a belly slide using it's own mucus to slide about at fair speed



*(Left click)*-Bite which is fairly weak


*(Right click+hold)*Leech projectiles:

Meno can aim leeches and spit them out using it's elastic jaws

Leeches will stay on a target for 40s after which they'll drop off and conceal into lamprey balls which can be picked up by meno and used again as ammo


•(C)•-Spit mode switch

(I was originally going to have these relate to shrooms but I think this submission is already filled to the brim with things I'd just be pushing it over the edge)


Spit modes include:

Attack- Leeches will slowly drain the health of a target 


Healing- Leeches will heal a target (could be additionally good for taming if you went a little overboard on damage and made a close to knocked out tame bloody)


Tranquilizing- Leeches will apply narcotic effects to the target


You can stack up to 15 leeches on 1 target



Meno's can be ridden without saddles but they do have a saddle that adds to the overall quality of it as a mount, it allows them to keep soaked for longer while giving them a little more protection 




Extremely good in water being able to move in almost all directions at a fast pace


Leeches will become docile and attract to your mount automatically in which they can be collected via Menos option wheel. If you check it's inventory, said leeches will be stored as icons similarly to the fish basket system, except they won't be counted as creatures sort of like an accessory. Gross but using Meno's option wheel you can breed the Leeches inside of it's mouth 

(Black and white as of current I originally planned this for abberation but now it seems like I need to make some changes in order to fit this map, New art will be coming soon)


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