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“Shared Server” on Same Console



Please don’t get rid of couch co-op on single player. It is really a good option for families and people who do not have access to multiple consoles.

being able to expand on it even would be better…

Removing the distance limit between players all together is important. 
Being able to choose how the screen is split would be a good option.
Being able to link multiple accounts in the same console to one specific single player map save. Where if player 1 who started the game leaves, player 2 could continue playing and also connect to that specific save file for that map on their account if they want that to be their personal save file also. Allowing people on the same console to essentially play together on their own shared home server in single player.

Or adding a “Shared Server”-like option for multiple accounts on one console to connect to each other and play on the same map save files, while keeping single player separate. This would update the same save file across multiple accounts on the same console to keep each account’s save up-to-date with what is changed, built, tamed, etc. by other accounts on the same console. Say a sibling’s account play-information would transfer over to your account’s save file on “Shared Server”-option for instance, so you could share a base but not have to be actually playing at the same times but have the option to also.

(I have no idea if I explained that very well lol)

I just know that Couch Co-op is important for a lot of people with siblings and friends that come over to play the game together and it would be a shame to lose that.

thank you for your time.

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