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Save the poor Ankys!



Hello, I feel sorry for the Ankys since the beginning, when I saw them saddled for the first time.

Why do the straps of the saddle go almost directly over the nostrils?
Do they need less air to work than to lounge around?

If at some point the animals are to be overhauled, I hope that this is still done because of UE5, I ask that these animals are released from the strap that makes their lives so difficult.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards 



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Yes, no idea why I notice something like that... there are a few more little things like that, but I find those the worst.

The Equusattel is also terrible.

Since you sit on it more like a chair.

If a horse saddle would be so, there would certainly be quite a few problems when riding.
And an Equu doesn't even have spikes.


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