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fjordur Fjordur Realms PVP Damage



Fjordur's sub-biomes or realms would be far better off being 1x damage and flyer enabled rather than 6x and the only thing you can use are bats.

Fjordur brought us the Desmodus, and as it stands, it is already an incredibly useful and versatile tame on the map. The issue I see with it, is its realistically the ONLY choice to ride. The open fields of Asgard and the mountainous Jotunheim are, in my opinion, BUILT to be explored from the skies. These realms could be a ton of fun for PVP if we could just fly more than just bats and could build out in the open in these areas. This, and the fact that there are 4 wyvern trenches and you really can't fly in 3 of them with anything but bats. On top of that, The Tropeo is on the map, and works well as a counter to a variety of flyers.... except you can't fly it in the Realms aside from Midgard. It raises the issue of "why even raise wyverns or tame tropes? I can't use em anyways on majority of the map anyways."

Yes, you could just pvp out in Midgard, but that is only a small portion of the map taking into account 3 entire alternative realms and a vast collection of caves. 6x pvp zones work well for caves or even metal spawns, but I really do wish we could see 1x and flyer enabled come to Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vanaheim. We could see a wider selection of pvp come to the map, which I see as very healthy for the map itself!

Issues I could see people having with this is the invalidation of raising tames that work well in no flyer, such as the Maewings or Rockdrakes, but my counter is this: You already can fly in these locations with Desmodus, so why use a Drake? What would adding a larger variety of flyers harm in such an environment?

After removing Titans from the mod version coming into the official version and removing 3 entire caves from the alternate realms with them, along with various plateau type base locations on the borders of them, I think the map would benefit from a buff to these realms to incentivize more pvp and building within them! 

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