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  1. Hey! I noticed all of the dinos new from Fjordur are not able to be unpodded on Aberration. I'm here to petition for these creatures to be added to Aberration's allowed classes list, and why they still fit into the aberration theme/mindset regarding limiting certain tames. Andrewsarchus - This creature walks completely on land, and is more like a horse than a pig. Horses are allowed on Ab, so I feel this would be a fair thing to add to aberration. Granted the gun struggles to match up with aberration's usual vibe, however I'd argue it would prove useful against the limited number of actions you can usually take against things on ab. In this particular context, I am referring to the PVP side of the game, but I feel it would better balance mek/tek suit PVP on aberration. Fjordhawk - This creatures entire design revolves around picking bags and retrieving items. Granted full birds have typically been excluded from aberration, but Featherlights could be a counterargument as to why the Fjordhawk would still be a good fit, since it is a shoulder pet too and not a ridable bird. Aberration is a tough map in many cases, and being able to retrieve bags from horrible mishaps, both of the users fault and of the game's fault in certain terrain related incidents, would be a huge boon for aberration players. Fenrir - This creature's abilities are unique, but you can do certain forms of the same stuff with creatures that many people would argue have no business being on aberration. Examples being Freezing with Managarmr, spike reflection with Shadowmanes, unique pre-given saddle armor with Shadowmanes, etc. Creatures with WAY more wild abilities are on aberration class allowed list already, and I think Fenrir should be allowed to be part of that. Desmodus - This one is a TOUGH argue as it does fly around, which largely fights against the no flyer gameplay aberration strives for usually. However, where better to allow giant bats that break the usual no-flyer in caves rule than the massive underground that is aberration? It fits the underground vibe very well, with the abilities it posseses being a huge boon against creatures already allowed such as Bloodstalkers, Manas, and Tek Suiters (Not a creature but it really isn't fun to have no counter to a suiter being able to just zoom away untouched and unpunished for being underprepared aside from the suit itself. I can't imagine I'm the only one that feels that way). The echolocation screech in the dark depths of aberration also looks incredibly awesome! If anyone see's this and agrees, please upvote so we can gain some traction on this and get this visible to the devs to consider? Have a great day!
  2. Inclined to agree here. I LOVE spinos myself but given the lore behind the game and the fact that it is in the end fictional, I don't think its a necessary change. One thing I'd love to see though is a slightly faster swim speed, or even just a slight buff to its oxygen gain per level (As it does still raise swim speed faster than movement speed does, even if its 20% of what it used to be lol) Actually wouldnt have too much balancing issues if its just a slight increase, especially since tusos are so overly broken in their utility (really should add a struggle to this for pvp ngl its awfully broken) Spinos dont even keep their water buff when in deep water. They only get it for standing in water not swimming in it
  3. It did kinda read off that way. Though if we are talking like armor sets for people, that gives me serious Monster Hunter vibes and I love that. Very heavy on item count though I'd imagine. Would have to implement a large amount of balancing to such an idea as well. Still though it would be really cool to do something like that I reckon.
  4. It's a neat idea. In a PVE context it'd be amazing to see these types of features. Even more so on more saddles than just these theoretical ones for creatures that dont have em. I run into the issue of how to balance such implementations though in PVP. Any bonus abilities given by attachments like that I feel would need to be balanced out to not be overly broken in PVP, and honestly even in PVE. I remember the days when griffins one shot stuff in PVP and PVE, and that wasn't super fun as there was no challenge in the fast flier also being a devastation DPS. What other kinds of attachments would you include in such an idea, and what ways could it potentially be balanced I guess are my only questions on this?
  5. You make some valid points here. I've been too busy to play the game and frankly I hadn't had time to check this out but hear me out here: HP - I don't fully disagree, certainly one has higher HP. At 50 wild points and 50 domesticated points in HP on both, the Allo DOES come out to be 10k higher at 30k HP. However that still leaves Carnos at 20k which does hold up against most tames with quality saddles. (Rexs at early game for bosses I typically see get leveled between that 20-30k range as is) They also have the same raise time, so given that and the fact that they both rely on bleed, I don't really put either one on a pedestal in that situation Agility I'd claim is about the same. Maybe thats up for debate but honestly I haven't felt a *noticeable difference. If the numerical values differ then yea but based on just the feel of it, I can't sense it Bosses realistically? I wouldnt even take allos into a boss fight, let alone carnos. Bleed doesn't work on bosses, though with pack buff allos can certainly hurt more than a carno. But so can Rexes. GIgas and Titans though? They'd be the same DPS wise, survival wise might differ slightly due to that HP discrepancy but overall they aren't that overwhelmingly different. Wild Gigas do a bleed, which bleeds regardless of how much armor reduction you have, and titanos just hurt a lot. An allo certainly can tank it better, especially with the pack reduction for the alpha, but overall, you should be questioning life choices taking on a titan like that instead of other options hahaha. Jokes aside, It'd end up boiled down to bleeding them to death. The base dmg isnt anything to write home about on either carnos or allos. (They're both actually 35 base, with allos actually losing 10 when using the right click) Overall, yea the pack buff is a benefit for survival, as damage resistance is golden, but that DPS boost doesnt give it an overwhelming edge on anything. Its an additional like 50% for the alphas ofc, but it isnt enough to invalidate carnos given the DPS for both is more valuable as bleed and not as per hit dmg anyway. (To clarify, Rex base damage is 62, allo being 35 and adding 50% to that makes it 52.5, but only for an alpha. Given that, 3 rexes adds up to be more DPS than 3 allos, which still remains true when factoring saddles, mate boost and imprint bonuses) Still I do enjoy talking about it so if you have any other thoughts I'm happy to hear them. Though I feel it gets a bit off topic as we've left Araneos out of the discussion when both were part of the OP hahaha, granted I'm essentially bumping a 4 month old post so I guess I can't say much there LOL
  6. Do tell me then, where in PVE is it worse than an allo? It can do everything an allo can, but without the pack buff and garbage hit registration that allos have LOL, which i explained in the rest of the post I had made
  7. Nets already move slow, moving targets are difficult to hit without leading shots. And they already ONLY affect z-able tames. Wyverns dmging the rider when dismounted ONLY applies to lightning wyverns. Fires do NOT do this. Crowd control has been a serious issue since extinction made ele easy. Its best to leave it that way as the cool downs are already quite acceptable. Most I might say is maybe make the cooldown between flyers vs land dinos a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. Void wyrm breath is already short and easy to escape from with ease. What really needs to happen is nerf the one tap dismount punishers (gigas, wyverns, ASTROS) as these do far too much dmg and punish dismounted WAY too hard because of it. Gigas need to be easier to rage, potentially do less dmg to recently dismounted players as well, lightnings need to do reduced base dmg (current is 31 hits at 31% dmg, should be 31 hits at 15-20% dmg). Astros annihilate flak and tek suits in a single barrel roll, shouldnt and shouldnt be so mobile.
  8. Carno currently is more useful than allos. They do the same bleed allos do, but without the pack buff. They also have minor armor penetration AND small knockback for pushing larger dinos like racers around. Allos on the other hand require the pack buff, have horrible hit box registration on its bite, and don't penetrate any amount of armor. And honestly, carnos aren't built like tanks. They're small, and agile, not tankers like the huge hp pool of the rex (200k+ hp on maximum mutations in hp and full tamed levels into hp) If anything needs the TLC of mechanics between the two of them, would actually be the Allo. Carno could do with a reskin though, texture kinda sucks imo Araneo is a neat idea though. Maybe instead of being a full net gun the web idea could full stop the creature thats webbed for 10-30 seconds, but be able to struggle out of it similarly to the bloodstalker grab. Could be an interesting change for the spider and would make it pairable with the other spider in the game. Could also make the araneo do bonus damage to and heal off creatures with the webbed debuff so that it has a reason to come up front too instead of staying behind and playing support only.
  9. The wyverns are already breedable. The only wyvern variant that currently is not breedable is the zombie wyverns from the halloween event. Regarding these other creatures, i find the fish to make sense, but also they don't really serve a purpose being breedable since they are essentially just fish dodo. But thats just personal opinion. With Poisons being breedable, and basilisk already have an egg they drop for kibble, it only makes sense they should be breedable too. Griffins are a hard one since they don't have genders though. Perhaps they could follow Maewing breeding rules and breed without gender? Would make mutation breeding them difficult though. With all the dismounting, tek weaponry, giga damage and other various factors tho, making golems breedable may not hurt the game imo. When a person hits tek tier theyre already too squishy. A new way to solve that instead of breeding would also be acceptable. Space Whales as well. They should at least be cloneable if not breedable. Otherwise they just don't really get used
  10. I don't think a stomp is going to make or break a tame that hasn't changed positively in years. Tames should have unique attacks though and not just a dull slow tail whip that doesn't even hurt despite the fact that it should based on theoretical speed and weight of the tail. However, given that the amarga has 5 or 6 different attack animations with various depending factors based on where you look or what you are doing, it wouldnt hurt to have some extra attack animations present. Regarding a TLC in general though... I'm gonna just leave this here:
  11. I dont forsee anymore crystal variants coming to the game as neat as this sounds. Mainly due to the way mod maps tend to be. More importantly, I'm a little tired personally of wyvern variants. They're overused, especially when theres just as many other flyers as there are wyvern variants, which personally seems problematic when 50% of fliers are wyverns. Not to be a downer regarding this idea I'm just giving my own thoughts. I do like the idea of crystal variants of more... underappreciated tames such as golems, brontos, griffins, stegos etc.
  12. I do agree to this. Though A big part of it is that theres too many soakers that do the exact same thing. Rather, perhaps introduce soakers for something besides bullets? Like make the bronto a choke holder, capable of tanking the bite of gigas with incredible efficiency due to its thick skin perhaps? I wrote up a post some time ago regarding both it and the Titanosaurs, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ideas regarding it, then maybe they can be applied to other lesser used soakers such as trikes thanks to the net meta. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/644210-bronto-and-titanosaur-love/
  13. Theres already a foot counter. Nets and Z work on them, although I do think they should buff Z range again. You can also zoom away and tek bow while it chases you. The one thing I will say, is the sheer damage output difference between lightning and the other 4 large wyverns (fire, ice, poison, void) is massive and could use a gap closing. For example, change lightning from 31% melee dmg with 31 hits to maybe 20-25% for 31 hits. And buff Ice if it's not going to deal damage over time from the current 25% dmg for 7 hits to maybe 55% for 7 hits just like the max % of the full charge ember wyvern. Maybe adjust void breath dmg as well since even at point blank the damage scales like 1/8 of a mana. Make the scaling more similar to manas at point blank vs afar, I promise it wont affect suit pvp like manas do due to the ever-moving nature of flying a wyvern lol. As for counters with tames, shadowmanes are a very hard counter for lightning riders, as well as astros and tropeos for wyverns in general. You can also force a slow with Ice Wyverns (although you would run into the issue of follow ups and actually catching it) or with the poop from the Dinopithecus. Although astros in the current meta need a bit of a nerf regarding the ability to spam evasive maneuvers constantly with 0 cooldown. Also the ability to dmg structures needs to A: not scale with damage or B: not deal nearly as much damage as double a good meks dmg with the mobility of... well, of a dolphin lol.
  14. Im gonna add on here, speaking as a pvp player ofc so I'm open for pve thoughts on the matter too to add to this but... PVP Related suggestions: Add Bloodstalker/Tropeo grab "Struggle" to Tuso Grabs regarding tamed creatures and players. Make Tusos Shadowmane-able Buff Mosa Base damage by 50% Add a TEK Cannon similar to the Stryder Chest Cannon (in design) to the Mosa Tek Saddle, working similarly to the following blasts of the space dolpin (if locked on) but larger and takes WAY WAY longer to lock on. Do damage to the rider via splash dmg if hitting NEAR the rider, not just because it hits a tame. Nerf Tuso base dmg by 30-41%, bringing it around to 50-60 instead of 85 and make it hit twice not 3 times. Nerf Tuso HP by 20% Give Plesi a TEK saddle that essentially is just a Platform with a TEK mounted turret on it. Similar to Space Whale Saddle. Add to the non-platform saddle some form of Torpedo type weapon firing system. Increase Space Whale Speed in Water by a large margin. I mean come on, it's a whale, even if it is a space one. Shouldn't be slower than a Leed. Reduce Space Dolphin Speed in Water by a moderate margin. I get it, dolphins are insanely fast, but the maneuverability of these make them impossible to do anything against in air land or water. They need a list of nerfs but thats not related to this post so. I'm leaving that out. Buff Dunkleo HP by 50% and Unpickable by Tusos like the Basilo, also give it a ability like the shadowmane's spikes when bit to reduce incoming dino damage. Reduce Basilo Speed by a moderate margin Reduce Basilo HP by 25% Improve placeable fabricator tier mounted turrets to be less... bad for underwater use. Minigun should show bullet lines similar to hip fired one from gen2 and half damage of a heavy turret to be useable. Should also have a further range. Personal thoughts: 33 foundations. Add Underwater Modules for Non-Water Weapons such as Fabis, Pistols and Shotguns. Leave Comp bow out of it though. Tek Bows or Harpoon launchers work fine for arrows. Torpedoes for UW rockets. Homing and Non homing. Or utilize rockets as the ammo for Torpedo esq weaponry. PVE Related suggestions: Like I said, open for ideas here, can add if ppl want.
  15. With the Amarga spikes reducing saddle qualities, setting fire to riders, and adding a major slow to soakers AND the Dinopithecus having yet another bleed, I am once again advocating for a bronto change to make them relevant in fights without being a turret soaker
  16. I think the terrain on certain parts of the older maps could use reworking to make them more viable for sure. But mostly in the cases of balancing cave strengths and land strengths for PVP. Granted these maps don't have a lot of PVE content compared to the newer 3 official ones as well but most of my suggestion will be for PVP but maybe some of it can fit for PVE too? These are only suggestions though. Feel free to comment or critique them as you see fit. SE has a lot of missing strength to it, which makes it VERY dead for PVP. The crouch at Church wasn't even the worst crouch in the game (looking at you aberration shadow cave...) and served to balance that cave against a meta that just melts caves with racer/stego sized entrances. Bring the grate crouch back to it. Also enhance a couple of the mountains to get wider or the mountains that dip down into areas with natural wall formations to extend higher into the air or even the pillar rocks that go very high in the sky to be wider for bases outside. The lore also mentions how much the ARK DOESN'T seem to want Civilization to progress, so maybe include the Mantis raids or a rare tactical wyvern spawn on bases to act as that Environmental attempt to delete the survivors. Challenge us to survive late game so that its not just early SE gameplay challenging us. Center still feels semi-unfinished. Add a couple wider pillars for PVP purposes, and add additional entrances to Ice Cave and Pearl Cave. These two caves currently murder the game's PVP since Extinction released. Obviously, adding new tames HAS NOT fixed this. I believe it is time for a real map change because of that. I'm not saying add an entrance that makes the caves useless, but rather adds another approach to push from that may be slightly easier. For the PVE side of things, the Center is very Island-esq in terms of how you can apply the lore. I would recommend random world boss spawns that announce when they spawn, like the Dodorex during Halloween. Some form of creature that isn't already in the game but can chew through tough structures and has turret resistance in PVP but just is tough to kill in PVE like the corrupted but rather than being an element corrupted creature, instead be an ARK system creation to challenge the players. Island, I would recommend a similar case to Center in terms of PVE content. Add a creature that maybe can hypnotize wild dinos into following them instead of their normal ai when the creature is not present, including the Titanosaur, and charge at players who stray too close. Possibly remove any multipliers from the volcano and make the volcano a PVP base location again, instead of a 6x massacre. Valguero is pretty decent, theres not a lot I would change about it but here are some suggestions anyways: Add Titanosaurs to the map, add random poison and lightning wyvern spawns to the map and have their eggs spawn in an area that isn't the trench. Like, maybe have poisons have egg spawns around the redwoods on certain high up plats, or Lightnings have egg spawns at the highest peaks of the borders of the map. This would further increase the difficulty of the world border, which sticks in line with the game lore, despite it being a mod map made official. Permanently add reaper queens to the valg underworld zone's radiation area OR bring drakes back in there to make it difficult down there. It's not like they are truly exclusive anymore since 1 shows on Gen2 as a variant and the other is now breedable. As far as fitting the map goes though, drakes is the better option. Aberration! Aberration lore wise had it's anti-civilization function damaged if i recall correctly. Maybe add a secondary earthquake that occurs every 5 earthquakes to knock out Tek power similar to the electrical storms from SE. Maybe force it to kick up a large spore cloud that does a dampened version of the spore effect of the area you're in and THAT's also why the Tek power is knocked out or something. I would also say maybe force a Reaper queen spawn near structures that has a horde of Kings and nameless behind it that maybe go away or are weakened if light is present. Add the ability to bring Brontos over though. You can bring massive f*ck-off turtles that are bigger anyways I thing it's totally fair and valid within the lore to allow brontos to be transferrable. Would also consider nerfing or adding an additional entrance to Shadow cave specifically. Glowtail or Depths cave is tough to push but honestly balanced enough compared to other caves. Shadow however suffers from the crouch being ridiculously broken and could use widening or an additional entrance to balance it out. Those are the ideas I had. Ofc you could include similar things to Rag, CI, etc etc but as far as unique ideas go, I've given the ones I've thought about and would love to hear other peoples ideas on the matter.
  17. You would be surprised to know there is actually a structure cap in this game. Its 16500 structures within a 33 foundation or 66 wall radius at the given point of attempted placement. Granted this is not a limit on the number of snapped structures but rather a limit on the number of structures in an area. That said, I actually do believe the game could benefit from a limit on the number of snapped structures. But it would need to be 3-4x larger than the "per area structure cap" since many bases are snapped together and dont harm the server like the intentional snapping spoken about next. A great example of tribes abusing the structure snapping are servers with either triangle foundation or fence foundation + railing spam in massive amounts. These servers ONLY spam the latter to create massive lag and server crashes because they lag the server HARSHLY when breaking them, forcing a server recalculation of structures snapped together everytime a break occurs.
  18. No, a monkey is what's being released on the 14th. More specifically I believe it is called a Baboon. They have shiny behinds.
  19. This WOULD give Mutagen some better purpose for tames that get the green circle A non-breedable perk for that specific tame to give good reason as to why you should use it. But it should be cheaper than it currently is. Currently it takes multiple hours to get enough mutagen to use on a tame. Now, this works very well to balance the free 5 levels into 4 generally vital stats on a dino (the yellow circle mutagen usage), however, once you breed those stats and the dino is now a bred tame, the same cost of Mutagen only adds 4 levels. Change this to adding the above mentioned perk and just like the 4 extra levels from the green circle currently, make it a non breedable perk, but reduce the Mutagen cost for green circle or bred tames by like 60-80% to make it worth farming for. As it is, its very much under used due to the difficulty of farming it and the poor number of uses for it.
  20. Unfortunately theres not really substance to this original post. It's just "nerf this" and thats it. This gives no information, and gives nothing to start a conversation on why it should be. So let me start this. Astrodelphis require a nerf for a variety of reasons, the biggest of all is the obsoleting of the Tropeo a literal 6 months after it releases. The trope's huge draw was a use for normal grenades in an aerial flak cannon to be used against flying tames and its fast maneuverability. The Astrodelphis is then released, offering not only 4 different ways to maneuver, including barrel rolls and flips in direction and loop-d-loops, which already completely screws the Trope's 1 move, but also a use for normal grenades that, while slower, do more damage and has literal lasers and homing blasts which hit WAY outside of turret range unlike tropes, that hurt fliers, players, and other tames fairly moderately. This in and of itself would not be an issue, however, stacking this range with the ability to get away rapidly and dodge slow linear attacks like Tropeo blasts, and picking attempts makes this tame even harder to kill than Snow Owls, which already plagued non-server cap PVP even with Tropeos. The best thing for this, is to add an additional capability to the Trope (a minigun passenger saddle imo) with a minimum range of a Velo, and reduce the range of damage to the Astrodelphis attacks (shrink to Velo range). Tracking blast is actually fine, but should increase the cooldown further from 1 second to 1.5-2 seconds between charge shots. If it's intended to be a charge shot, it should take time to charge. As it appears to be a form of explosion I think being able to penetrate the arguably hard to deal with mek shield is perfectly fair. It's very difficult to deal with Meks that put their shield up without dropping a giga on top of them usually, which is impossible to do with turrets involved. Allowing the grenades, bombs AND charge shots of Tropes and both Astros is completely fair in my mind. Just not the small shots like lasers and whale mounted turrets to keep the shield doing what it is intended to do. Should also consider putting a cooldown between certain evasive maneuvers. Barrel Rolls specifically can be spammed so hard its impossible to hit even with another Astrodelphis half the time. Put a 1-2 second cooldown on this so that they are forced to do more head on fighting without spamming side to side avoiding all types of danger. A balanced tame should not have a single hard counter that is literally a stun aimbot (referring to shadowmane's tracking red marker stun) to deal with. It should have the capability of being dealt with by a variety of tames, including the tames it's meant to counter (referring to wyverns/pickers in this case).
  21. The immediate issue I see with this is PVP. Maybe PvE could benefit from a separate change but PVP often uses caging against other players, and a /stuck would bypass all that effort to cage the person.
  22. I LOVE the idea of this. However theres a major flaw in the fact that I'm convinced that people don't know how to code this. Hell I don't even know how you would even start to approach coding this, which makes me worried for the devs to even think about. You would need some sort of marker to constantly check if alpha KT has been run on that character on that specific cluster. So its not something as simple as an additional flag on the character or its implant, but rather a per cluster flag that gets deleted after the transfer as to not remain post-transfer. Not to mention it would open up the issue of smaller tribes unable to leave while allowing bigger tribes to encroach on one's cluster. Which may ruin the spirit of the "closing transfers to allow a closed cluster to build upon." I don't know. I can definitely see both sides of the argument, as well as the issues with possibly implementing this. But the idea in theory is pretty entertaining.
  23. I believe this was made to counteract, or at least semi balance out the abuse of seeds on gacha towers. This could be for both pve or pvp since it was essentially free materials for doing literally nothing. Putting a spoil timer on them then means they can no longer be stored infinitely in a dedicated storage, limiting how many seeds u could truly use. This ofc led to people just using metal from aberration instead, or abusing crop plot stack bots to the same effect but it makes abusing towers like that just a bit harder. Maybe they should increase the timer, but i actually dont agree with removing it entirely. especially since seeds are organic, it means they can certainly decompose, so a spoil timer does logically make sense, to a degree
  24. Cryopods have been part of the base game items for a long time now. U dont need to have ext to learn them. Although I do agree on the egg incubators and maybe even tek crop plots, although some could say that takes away from gen2s reason to travel to but eh.
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