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Creature: Pontolis magnus

Time: Miocene to Pliocene

Diet: Piscivore

Temperament: Female are docile and curious, males are territorial and aggressive when the survivor gets too close

Why I picked this creature?

Ark doesn’t have anything like it mainly. We haven’t gotten a new water creature in some time, and in terms of mammals I feel we are lacking in that department in our oceans. 


Pontolis can be found in colder regions, like the snow area on the Island. It hunts for fish and shellfish which make up the bulk of its diet. Like modern day walrus, they have a thick blubber layer to help keep them warm and protect them from other creatures. Pontolis are social, usually being found in groups of 3-5 individuals with one male as the leader of the group. He protects his territory and females, often becoming aggressive if other creatures get too close. The females, however, tend to be more docile and sometimes even curious. Males are larger with thicker necks and longer tusks.



Pontolis makes an excellent diving companion for multiple reasons. First, it’s saddle acts as a scuba tank, providing continuous oxygen to the survivor while mounted. This tank holds more air than a standard diving tank, however, once it runs out the survivor must return to the surface for the tank to recharge. The tank’s maximum oxygen increases as the saddle rank increases, with ascendant saddles holding the most oxygen.

Pontolis also benefit from a pack bonus provided there is one male in the pack. Multiple males cannot be mixed in a pack for this bonus to activate, but the number of females doesn’t matter. 

Your Pontolis will put those sharp tusks to work. When mounted the survivor can charge up a bite attack, once released Pontolis will give a nasty bite dealing high damage to whatever unfortunate creature comes into contact with those tusks. This attack can also be used on carcasses for large amounts of resources. The longer the bite is charged, the more stamina it drains.  


Taming Pontolis depends on the gender and requires 2 things, a hefty amount of tasty fish and a toy! Males are aggressive and will not hesitate to attack the survivor. Taming them requires you to first remove him from his females, and then apply enough damage to render him passive. Once passive, he will allow you to feed and play with him. At random intervals, he will require you to either play,  pet, or feed him. This gradually fills a trust meter, and once filled you now have a new friend! 

For females, you must do the same in singling one out from the group, however you do not need to fight her. They are naturally curious, and are more eager to get to know you. Just make sure she is far enough away from her fellow females, and the territorial male!

After taming, you can continue to play with your Pontolis whenever you’d like, and doing so has a benefit! You can continue to grow trust with your Pontolis through play and treats, and at maximum trust you gain a permanent friendship buff when riding, basically like an imprint! This buff only applies to the Pontolis you are riding, and is not passed on to any other Pontolis in the group.

Color Areas

Pontolis males have 4 color areas.

-The body

-The underside

-The neck


Females have 3 color areas 

-The body

-The underside



Art done by me





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On 1/17/2023 at 7:52 AM, ARKMidgard said:

Mostly Walruses live on the drift ice of the Arctic. Walruses can dive for up 30min. The most striking feature of the walrus are the long tusks.20230117_130247_Easy-Resize_com.thumb.jpg.766e84fe5916ed2a80283e26e294281a.jpg20230117_130247_Easy-Resize_com.thumb.jpg.766e84fe5916ed2a80283e26e294281a.jpg

I’m thinking these guys will be found in the coldest areas of the map, maybe they can even provide a thermal bonus like otters do 

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i have fun for a new water animal and finde from the last Fjördur submission this creature too. Maybe some great ideas are still there from the old post?!




The Pontolis Magnus is a carnivorous extinct genus of large walrus that lived between 11.608-5.332 million years ago. It is 33% larger than the largest elephant seals of today and preferred cold climates (hence making it a great choice for a cold map such as Fjordur). I would like to see this creature with (large) tusks (like the modern walrus) for the males.




- diet: carnivorous

- temperament: territorial

- taming method: knock out, preferred kibble is exceptional

- structure damage: stone and below

- able to swim quickly but also able to travel on land with some speed 

- rideable: saddle unlocked at level 40

- keeps the rider warm in cold temperatures

- thick skin allows them to not be shocked by jellyfish

- thick skin reduces all damage taken by 20% (+ saddle reduction)

- tusks are able to mine resources underwater with high efficiency (allowing the player to mine without dismounting the creature). It is notable for being able to harvest crystal, oil, organic polymer, meat and prime meat with one of the best efficiency out of any creature in the game. Whilst underwater, mining efficiency is increased by 25%.

- underwater ally healing ability (like daeodon on land) but must be underwater

- passively produces Walrus Oil ("A noxious oil secreted by the Pontolis.") - works same as narcotics.

    + 10 oil, 20 sparkpowder and 5 stimulants in a chemistry bench to create Burn Cream ("A special formulation that reduces burns when applied to skin") - reduces fire damage by 20% for a humans and creatures. The Burn Cream could be helpful when fighting against the amargasaurus (with its fire spikes) when it is released with Lost Island.

- 25% reduction from fire damage due to the thick skin and anti-flammable substance on its skin

- its thick skin also makes it unable to be frozen by the managarmr and the amargasaurus freezing spikes

- pack (herd) bonus: increases damage done by 50% and reduces damage taken by 25% (same as allosaurus)

- can incubate eggs in a small area like the dimetrodon 



- left click: standard bite

- rightclick: tusk slash - inflicts bleed

- C : Walrus sits (only when on land) which gives it 40% increased healing when consuming food

- X: Courage roar (only available for pack leader which is automatically the strongest) but only available underwater

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